Our Love Story

Princess Bethany and her sister, Princess Sophie have the definition of a perfect life according to everyone else but themselves. But when Bethany falls for Harry and Sophie falls for Niall from One Direction, will they be able to keep the peace, or will a huge family feud erupt, causing problems throughout the kingdom?


1. 1

Our Love Story



“Good morning mother.” I said as I walked downstairs for breakfast.

“Good morning dear; happy 17th birthday.” I smiled and kissed her cheek before I sat down.

“I’m so excited for my party!”

“As you should be, darling.” My mom said, smiling. I smiled as breakfast was brought out on silver platters. You see, my life is a fairytale. I’m the princess of England.



“So…where exactly are we performing today?” Niall asked, confused as always.

“It’s Princess Bethany’s birthday today…we were paid to perform at her party.” Simon said. Niall nodded and went back to his food. I couldn’t help but smile and laugh as the car stopped at a stop light. This sure would be an interesting night. 

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