The Direction Love Travels In (Re-Write)

(A book based on the future 2016) Nichole Styles is on her way to her annual summer vacation spot to see her brother Harry and his Four friends. She has done this every summer since she was little. This year she brings her friend Bella Salvator with her for her 18th birthday and her 6th summer with the guys. She had been in love with Niall since the day she met him. Will she get to be with him? Or will her many secrets scare him away? Will she be able to live with her secrets, or will she tell them all? Bella falls in love with Harry.. And Louis..and both have a thing for her. Who will she choose and what will it cause? With secrets to keep hidden, decisions to be made and love to be expressed, This summer may just be the most interesting one yet.


17. Midnight Memories

Bella's P.O.V

     The hours ticked by as I stared at my alarm clock. I found myself restless as I ran through everything that happened today. I found myself attracted to both Harry and Louis. I even caught Louis staring at me today in the car. Harry won me my doll, which is on the table with my alarm. I looked at it and smiled. Today was a really good day. It was so good that I didn't even have to cut. 

     Yeah yeah yeah, I know. Cutting is bad blah blah blah. Look, if i wanted to hear somebody say that I'd go to a counselor, but I don't. I don't do it for attention, I wouldn't try to hide it if I wanted attention. I am ashamed of my scars. Cutting has become something that I cannot stop. It has consumed my mind. Everything I do revolves around cutting. And I admit this with pity on myself.

     Why do I cut? Well the story is written on my wrists. I'll translate it for you I guess.

     I grew up in a happy home. I had two parents that loved and cared for me. I wasn't poor. I had a warm house and a bed to sleep in. I didn't start cutting until I was sixteen.

     I had gone to a party with my friends. I had gotten drunk, so drunk I could barely function. But I thought it was a good idea to get behind a wheel and drive.  I got into a car accident that night. I killed a child. It died on impact. The little five year old girl whom I killed was never going to have a chance to grow up and make mistakes like I had that night. The vision of her in the car is the reason I cut. It makes the reoccurring image fade away for a while.  

     I don't think I will ever stop cutting.

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