The Wrong House

Hayden Roston knows she should be a Ravenclaw. Her Mother, Aunt, grandmother and older sister were all placed in Ravenclaw house when they attended Hogwarts and so on her first day, she expects the same.

However when the sorting hat decides she should be placed in Slitherin house, Hayden is sure a mistake has been made. Being a smart, intelligent, witty individual, surely Ravenclaw house is the rightful place for her.

But when Hayden discovers a deep, dark family secret that changes everything, will the reason become clear on the sorting hats decision?
Or will Hayden take matters into her own hands and prove the hat wrong?

*For the Hogwarts story competition*


3. A Shocking Discovery

I barely slept that first night. I lay in my bed, kicking off the horrible green blanket which seemed to be taunting me and reminding me what house I was now a member of. What on earth would mother say when I wrote and told her I was in Slytherin? Would she be appalled? Angry? Ashamed? I couldn't bare her to feel ashamed of me, all I wanted to do was make her proud. I didn't belong here. These three girls I shared a room with were spiteful and catty. They had laughed at my neatly folded case and mocked my fiction books calling them "Baby stories". I didn't point out that they were classics and just because they weren't about spells or potions didn't mean they weren't well written pieces of literature. I kept my mouth shut though as I didn't want to cause a confrontation on my first night at Hogwarts.

I pictured the Ravenclaw common room in my head, Ali and me discussing books and music then sharing a cosy room with girls who shared similar interests. I felt the tears roll down my cheeks as I cried silently, lonely and confused.

When I awoke the next morning, the girls were still asleep which I was relieved about. I quietly slipped out of bed and padded across the wooden floor towards the door. I grabbed my robe which hung on the back and pulled it round my shoulders. I then opened the door, checked nobody was around, then darted down the stairs and across the common room.

The school felt deathly silent as I walked down the corridor in the dimly lit light. I half expected someone to jump out at me and punish me for breaking the school rules only on my second day. I held my breath as I walked past the entrance hall and then arrived at the grand staircase. It seemed so strange that only yesterday morning I had been so excited to experience everything about Hogwarts and that I had dreamt about for so long. Now I just felt disappointed and wronged because I knew I would never reach my full potential in Slytherin house. How could I be loyal to something which I didn't believe in?

I stood on the first step and then it suddenly began to move as I clutched the banister tightly.

"The early bird catches the worm", I heard a voice say as I nearly jumped out of my skin before I realised it was coming from the painting on the wall. The moving portraits were all staring at me as I moved to the third floor. I wasn't exactly sure where I was going, I just knew I had to find out what the hat had meant and put this right before it was too late. I passed the library which looked very grand and I was tempted to go in and have a little read but I knew I had to discover the meaning to those words. And that was when I saw the room which I felt had drawn me to it. The Trophy Room.

My sister had told me all about this room as it was where all the awards, trophies, cups, plates, shields and medals were kept in crystal glass displays. This room also contained a list of Head Boys and Head Girls. She had proudly told my mother that her name was in the sporting display unit and also under the academic display. I heaved open the heavy oak door and gazed in wonderment at the room. It was beautifully set out and the crystal glass dazzled in the early morning sunlight. I spotted the sporting display straight away as it had a quidditch broom statue above it made out of glass. I scanned the list of names on the wooden plaque which dated back to hundreds of years ago. I looked for Roston and sure enough, there was my sisters name Keira Roston for 'outstanding sport member'. Despite everything, I couldn't help but feel proud over my confusion and dismay.

I wandered up to the far end of the room where a list of the head girls names were presented. They were shown in date order and categorized by the house name. I skimmed the list of girls names under Ravenclaw house and looked for Roston but couldn't find my great grandmothers name.

"That's odd", I thought to myself looking again, this time for my grandmothers name but I couldn't see that either.

I frowned, calculating the dates in my head from when they attended Hogwarts. Their names should be up here!

I spotted my mother’s name, Helen Roston in 1983 but that was the first Roston on the list and my sister followed after her 20 years later. This didn't make any sense. I knew my grandmothers had been in Ravenclaw house, it was a family tradition and had been told to my sister and I for as long as I could remember.

Then a sick feeling crept over me as I spotted my surname. This time though, it wasn't listed under Ravenclaw house.

Irene Roston- Head Girl of Slytherin 1912


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