Renesmee is now 18, and fed up of a solitary vampire lifestyle. She wants something more. She wants to meet some humans. Other than Charlie and Sue. So when she sneaks out to The Dusk, a funky nightclub and meets someone she particulary likes, will she be able to fall in love? Or will being part vampire postpone her from doing human things?


1. Sneaking Out

As quietly as I could, I carried my black boots in one hand and started creeping towards the front door. Yes, I was sneaking out. But would you blame me when during the day the only people I had for company were my family and trust me, they’re really old. I’m 18 and hey, I want to meet a few new faces, I’m kind of fed up of Jacob hanging round with me 24/7. Creepy. I shudder slightly at my thoughts. Then, damn my human reactions, because Dad had heard me and is now blocking my way to the front door. Stupid vampires, not sleeping.

“Renesmee.” He says, smiling calmly.

“Dad.” I reply grumpily, scowling at him

“Where are you off to so late, Nessie?”

“Urgh, Dad! I want to try being human for once, rather than vampire! Don’t you know how boring it is when Carlisle goes on a rant about the development of bandages?” Dad chuckles at me and I frown harder, only making him laugh harder.

“You can stay out till midnight.” He says. I open my mouth in shock. He’s seriously letting me go? Wow. He reads my thoughts and nods. Not wanting him to change his mind, I scurry out the front door letting it clang shut behind me.

I’m almost at the end of the driveway when a panting sound reaches my sensitive eardrums and I groan in annoyance. Whirling round to confront Jacob I get a nasty whiff of dog and start gagging. Jake’s wolf eyes look up at me, confused, until he partially understands and whimpers at me.

“Jacob, shew. Go. Go boy.” I almost beg with him, making exaggerated gestures with my arms, he gets the gist and walks off, howling sadly. What a wet blanket. I roll my eyes and laugh a little at the raised voices of my family. Probably discussing my departure for the evening. Then I run. Fast as the wind. Or lightning. Yeah, that sounds cooler. So, fast as lightning, I run off towards human activity!

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