College Boys

Marinea Anderson is the typical person at college, but she has a story of a million years, and all it has to do with is Niall Horan, the pop sensation in one direction. Her childhood is when it was all carefree, he was her best friend. it all changed when he decided to be famous and join one direction. now they are enemies. all she wants is for it to be better. all he wants is her to admit it. will this rivalry change?


3. Thinking

"Good morning Ireland! We are having a wonderful day today! 56% and sunny, no wind chill for us!" My radio said through my modern room. "Ok ok I got it!" I said throwing it across the room. I broke and I saw springs and metal scatter the floor. "Anne!" I yelled, ripping off my night eye cover. "Yes Marie?" She says holding a broom. " my alarm broke can you clean it for me please?" I say getting up and going into my restroom and walk in closet. After that I went to my mothers make up room to remodel my face a bit. I blow dry my hair and curl it to a wave. "Perfect" I say looking into the mirror. My guitar laid flat on the ground, it was decorated black and blue with beautiful flowers around the middle. If you flip it around it had a small carving that said, 'I love you, -Niall'. He had made the guitar hand made, and had someone paint it for me. Niall, also taught me how to play it. I smiled a little at the though of him. Oh yea I forgot to say that I have a huge crush on him...luckily I'm super good at hiding it from him. Sometimes I get all blushing and happy when he is around me, but then when stupid rude things come from him mouth it just reminds me that the fun time we had is over, I go into the kitchen and remember that it's Saturday. I don't have classes. I go to my Mac book computer and go to the photos. Then I saw those cute pictures me and Niall took. I loved those times. 

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