College Boys

Marinea Anderson is the typical person at college, but she has a story of a million years, and all it has to do with is Niall Horan, the pop sensation in one direction. Her childhood is when it was all carefree, he was her best friend. it all changed when he decided to be famous and join one direction. now they are enemies. all she wants is for it to be better. all he wants is her to admit it. will this rivalry change?


7. Milk

We were still just sitting there. I got up to get some milk and sat a bit closer to him. I flinched at the scene on the tv. I feel sick when I see gore or death. I saw bullets go across the screen. I flinched when the since showed the dead man on the ground. My stomach swished a little. Niall could tell. He put his arm around me and held me close to him. I automatically felt better. "It's ok. We can turn it off, k?" He said. I shook my head. My messy side pony tail hung perfectly to the side. He braided it and turned off the film. We went outside to the lake. "Man, the memory's are poring in." He says looking at me. "Me to. There's the swing, and the canoe" I said. "Should we go out in the lake?" I said. "Yes!" He said running over to the canoe. We both made our way out to the middle of the lake. "Um. Marie.. I have a question. I've been waiting to ask you..."
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