College Boys

Marinea Anderson is the typical person at college, but she has a story of a million years, and all it has to do with is Niall Horan, the pop sensation in one direction. Her childhood is when it was all carefree, he was her best friend. it all changed when he decided to be famous and join one direction. now they are enemies. all she wants is for it to be better. all he wants is her to admit it. will this rivalry change?


2. Home

Later that night I sat looking out my window. I heard the radio come on with some live music. "Now for all you Directioners out there, here is Niall Horan with Louis Tomlinson singing, hey there Delilah." The radio host said through my little box. "Wait, this is for a special listener if your out there, you know who you are.." Niall said before starting his guitar. I quickly changed the station and remembered about the tear he had earlier. I was getting really confused. He has it all. I need to stop thinking about him. "Marie!" My mother calls out to me. Yea only close friends and family call me that. "Yea mom!" I say as she opens my door quickly. "I have to go out for a business trip, and meet up with your dad in Tokyo. It will be a while, will you be ok.?" She says dropping carry ones and pillows stuffed in bags. "Oh yea I forgot you had to go today, I thought that was yesterday. And I'll be fine, just get home as fast as possible." I said as I hugged her. "Goodbye Marie Lou " she said sadly walking out the door. I cried a little bit after she left and the remembered I had my whole million dollar house to myself. I smiled and went to take a shower and sleep for the night.

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