College Boys

Marinea Anderson is the typical person at college, but she has a story of a million years, and all it has to do with is Niall Horan, the pop sensation in one direction. Her childhood is when it was all carefree, he was her best friend. it all changed when he decided to be famous and join one direction. now they are enemies. all she wants is for it to be better. all he wants is her to admit it. will this rivalry change?


6. Cookies and Movies

"man you really know how to make cookies." he said, not remembering how much me and my mother would cook. "Niall! i used to make you cookies all the time remember?" i said. he smiled. "oh yea they were always red velvet to. " he chuckled. " i miss those times, it was always like the world was looking at us." he frowned. "and now its looking at you" i said, showing him my one direction posters hanging on my door. he frowned. " its ok, its not your fault that you have talent." i said handing him a cookie with a cheesy smile. "Are you saying you don't have talent?" He said. He looked surprized that I had stopped singing when he left. "No way! You were amazing?!" He says. I'm sure he was more mad at misself than me. I grab my guitar that he gave me. "I never stopped. Just stopped singing in front of people" I said strumming a little tune under my fingertips. "Few. I though I had stopped you." He said. I grabbed another cookie. "Want to watch a movie. " he said. "Sure what movie, wait, let me guess. Red dawn? Or the walking dead final episode. " I said. "You know me well. Should we go with red dawn? It's pretty good." He said buying it on the tv. I sat awkwardly by him on the couch. When we were younger we would always snuggle up and laugh all night long. But it's not the same. I don't know if it will ever be.
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