love is a fairytale

so 2 years ago Misty fell in love but when she realises a seceret about him with things ever be the same?when she goes to a one direction concert what will happen??


1. introducing Misty

 hey guys so im Misty. I live in a small town by new york city and yes it is still really busy. i have a younger sister whos 15 and im 21 yeah the big  age when u can officially drink in the u.s. so anyway i live at home and  with my boyfriend and i love him well at least i think i do hes really sweet and caring but hes always drunk and high. but anyway i love one direction i know thats weird because im so old but yeah im going to see them in concert at Madison Square Garden with my sister. so yeah my guy is naill hes cute and acts so sweet:)! so yeah lets get to the story


so anyway im taylor and my sisters name is misty and i am 15 and she is 21 so all of that is true. so lets see what happens next!!!!


so pretty much this whole storry is mistys point of view but ill let u know when its not so yeah c'ya!<3

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