love is a fairytale

so 2 years ago Misty fell in love but when she realises a seceret about him with things ever be the same?when she goes to a one direction concert what will happen??


2. getting ready for the night!<3

I walked in my room to pick out my outfit for the concert which is tomorrow .i opened my closet door i saw nothing but it was packed with cothes from like middle school i really need to go shopping. so i ran to my sisters room and asked if she a had found her 'perfect' outfit that she 'needed' to find. she just gave me the look of 'what does it look like u idiot' and i asked if she wanted to go to rue 21 with me. she quickly grabbed a coat out off her closet and ran down stairs where she grabbed her keys and waited by the door for me. slowly walked down the stairs like a turtle just to annoy her and it was so funny.when we got there she ran right over to the colored skinny jeans and grabbed a pair of black and gray floral print jeans with a hot pink flowy top it was georgous and she had said she was going to pair it with her leather jacket and pink converses because we had got backstage passes to meet them after the concert so she had to look 'perfect'.i went and this mint lace strapless dress caught my eye i loved it i could pair it with my leather jacket and black heels! when we were done picking out cothes we went to jelewary. i picked out a low hanging necklace with a diamonds and my siter picked out a few braclets and a low hanging necklace with a skull. we paid and went back to the house and i plopped on my bed to think about my life and how lucky i was to have such an amazing family and boyfriend and friends.then my boyfriend popped in my head . i though he was the perfect one but the things he did to me werent always the best.i took him back over a million times like when he had raped me and then  a week later he cheated on me with my bestfriend after i took him back or when he abused me and said i was worthless and didnt deserve him i was just a slut and he could do so much better.i dropped out of college a week ago i just needed a break for a while.ive ben spending all my time with my sister and today she was finally going to help me leave my boyfriend today and get out of his apartment.

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