love is a fairytale

so 2 years ago Misty fell in love but when she realises a seceret about him with things ever be the same?when she goes to a one direction concert what will happen??


3. boyfriends are so overrated

i grabbed a hoodie and threw make up on before we left to go to my soon to be ex-boyfriends house. he wasnt going to be home till later on tonight so i had alot of time. me and my sister left and drove over i still had a key to his place.we started to carry the stuff down stairs when we saw his car at the bottom of the hill. i threw my stuff in the car and told my siter to leave that this wasnt going to be pretty she sat in the car and never left. he pulled in the driveway and came up and hugged me i tryed to push him off but he was way to strong for me. i asked him why he was home so early and he said he was only he for a second to grab his phone because he forgot it and he had ran upstairs luckly we had only only put a few small things in the car and it wasnt noticable he kissed my good-bye and waved to my sister and drove sister quickly jumped out of the car and ran over to me....

taylor(my sister) :hes so ughhhh

me:its okay lets finish and leave this place creeps me out.besides we have to hurry the concert is in a few hours.


i left a little note and the key taped to it.

hey sorry to do this actually im not so this is the end of me and u being together bye player go play  someone elses game:)

we finished grabbing all my stuff it was mostly cothes, shoes and blankets.we got home just before we had to start gettting ready to leave.i took a nice hot shower to try and earse all the memories of me and him and it didnt work out to well they just kept coming back to me i just needed to get over him and have some fun......

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