Two young girls who decide to over come there fears, but one ends up dying and the other develops a eating disorder and depression. The girl who doesn't die, her parents split up and her mum turns into a drunk, so the girl is took in by her therapist and gets very ill so is taken into a mental home. The girl has stopped talking and just stares into space. Most doctors have tried to help but they have had no success but one doctor, her farther. The girl blames herself for what happened to her friend and at the end she dies of starvation and just before she dies she sees her friend who died at the beginning and then she dies with her farther by her side.


4. what happened next

After school me and Jenny walked home, but we went a different way, Jenny insisted. We came to a bridge, there was a railway underneath. Jenny said

 "ready to tick heights of my list".

I was a bit reluctant at first, because of the train in the distance heading toward us, but before I could say anything she was stood up on top of the bridge wall, arms spread and the wind making her hair fly. She was yelling "tick this off my list". Her laughter made me giggle. I told her to get down, she had proved her point, I grabbed her hand ready to pull her down, but before I knew it she lost her balance and fell, just as the train was getting closer. She was screaming, as my grip got weaker, I could see the fear in her eyes, I tried to pull her back up, but she was too heavy. As her hand was slipping out of mine she looked at me. Her eyes told me she knew what was to come, the end. She also told me to look up so and did. She let go of my hand and I tried to grab her again but I couldn't. Her blonde hair still flying in the wind, it was like slow motion, my eyes glued to hers as they shut and didn't open again, she was gone. Forever. I shouted at the top of my voice "JENNY, JENNY", there was no response. Her right arm made the same L shape as her leg as she lay on the train track. Her left foot twisted in a way I didn't know was possible and her face was covered by her hair, which was no longer flying. The train wheels scratched against the metal bars on the floor, trying to stop. It stop two feet away from where she lay.     


My first thought was Kate, ring Kate but I rang 999, within seconds there was police, ambulance and cameras everywhere, surrounding me. Everyone shouting questions and taking my picture. I blocked out every voice, every sound and a herd a ringing in my ears, I slowly walked away as a police man followed me, sat me down and asked me what happened. I couldn't talk, I wanted to move my mouth, but I couldn't. I just kept staring, holding my phone with Kate's number on the screen. The police man took my phone, I didn't even put up a fight, I was past fighting.


About four minutes had past and Kate ran over to the curb were I was sat. She sat down next to me and just held me in her arms. She asked me what happened and I still couldn't talk. One single tear dripped down my face and on to the road. My face feels so cold, numb. Kate put her warm hands on my face and looked into my eyes and told me everything would be alright, she would help me, but I was past help. I put my frozen hands on hers and tiered them from my face, I stood up and walk away. A police man stopped me and told me he needed a statement, which I was in no state to give, so Kate came with me.


The police station was unlike anywhere I had been before, it was dirty and the big mirror creped me out, just imagine, you sat in a room on your own while someone watches everything you do but you can't see them. I knew Kate was talking to the police man behind the mirror but I couldn't hear them. I bet there talking about me, most people do most days. My mental state will probably be the topic of their discussion. Finding a way to get into my head. My eyes narrowed to the mirror but I just stared, trying not to blink because every time I did I see her just lying there, not moving. Next the door opened and in came Kate with a man I had never seen before, she introduced him as Dr. James Summers and told me he would help. I looked at her and she knew I only wanted to talk to her, that's if I could, talk. She asked him to gives us a minute. He nodded and walked out the room. She said

"He is okay, he won't hurt you, you can talk to him, I will be here all the time", my mouth opened a half a centimetre and just said "no". That one word, no. He came back in and Kate told them I wasn't sable enough to make a statement so she escorted me out the room, suddenly my feet stopped, she looked at me and a I turned my head so my chin was facing my left side and I strained a smile.


Kate took me home, but my mum was drunk and had passed out on the couch. Kate was mortified and told me to get my stuff together and come back to the car, I asked why and she told me to just do it , so I did. I got back into the car and she took me to a house, I think it's the suburbs but I have never been to this part of town so I was just guessing. It was like a mini mansion, with a pool and everything. It was Kate's house. It was gorgeous. She took me inside and showed me to the guest bedroom. I looked at her with a wondering look and she said "welcome to your new room, we can redecorate, if you don't like it". I went and sat down on the bed looking out the window at the green trees swaying in sync to the beat of the wind.  It reminded me of her blonde hair, flying, my eyes blinked slowly and with every blink her face appeared in my mind. Kate said she had to nip a few places and she would be back soon, but time didn't faze me anymore, I thought of time as something that made pain and suffering last that little bit longer.  Once Kate had left I walked around her house and I was intrigued by her things, she didn't seem like the person who would like art yet it's everywhere. The most beautiful pieces a person could ever see in one life time. After snooping around I went back to my room, and sat looking out the window, when she got back I was still sat there, just staring. Staring at nothing. My eyes started to sting because I was still trying not to blink. She had brought me some food, but I wouldn't eat it, I think she thought  I was having one of those relapses, but this was totally different.


After a week had past I was still sat in the same position, and I had been for the past week, not eating and blinking twice every three minutes. I was getting pretty good at the not blinking thing. I could tell Kate was starting to worry so she gave me a few pieces of paper and a pencil, apparently a new therapy technique, drawing my feelings. I grabbed the pencil and started to draw, she seemed at bit disturbed as she watched me draw. I missed the funeral, Kate was trying to get me to go but i just won't move, i bet she never thought she would end up in coffin again for a long time.


It had been three days and all I could do was draw, I was weak again and my clothes started to get very big. I was drawing something that would stay in my mind until I died, Jenny's face as she was falling. Kate tried talking to me again but I still wasn't ready, which she sis understand. I was fifteen and all I had to show for it was a couple of drawings and some clothes that used to fit me. Thank God I had Kate. She was like a second mum to me.


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