To Good to Be True

On the way to a One Direction concert, Gracie meets the boy of her dreams, and gets 7 new best friends. But will Niall and Gracie's relationship work out? Will she be able to keep her new friendships alive? Read to find out! ~~ Hey guys! So this is my first Movella and its probably gonna suck, so if its horrible, I apologize ahead of time. If you like it, please leave me a comment telling me what you think. Thanks!! -Gracie :)


7. Tours, Friends, and Gunshots (part 2)

Niall's POV

BANG! Liam and I heard a bang as we closed the door to our house. "Gracie!" I screamed. There was no answer. 'Oh God, I hope she's ok' I thought to myself. Liam ran into the room where the noise came from. "Um, mate, you might not wanna come in here." he said to me. That scared me. "Why? What is it?" I asked, terrified and almost in tears. "See for yourself" he said. What I saw put me over the edge. I began crying hysterically. "No! Gracie, please, stay with me! You can't die on me! You just can't!" I yelled. She had been shot. I heard Liam talking to someone. "Ok mate, the ambulance will be here any minute. Just calm down. She'll be fine." he said soothingly. I was still crying when the ambulance arrived. They let me get in the with her, and had me give them her information. Ya know, her name, date of birth, what happened to her. They also asked if I was her boyfriend. I said yes. When we arrived at the hospital, she was taken into emergency surgery. The doctor said that there was a chance that she would live, but it wasn't very big. They said she had been shot in the stomach and had lost a lot of blood. I was a wreck. I couldn't stop crying, and Liam tried everything he could to cheer me up. Apparently he had called the rest of the lads and told them what happened, because they soon arrived, too. We didn't call anyone in her family because her mom was in Rome for a year and her dad had passed away from a heart attack in his sleep. She had a brother, but they hadn't spoken in years. After about two hours, the doctor came out. "Anyone here for Gracie Campbell?" he said. I slowly walked up to him. "How is she?" I asked. "Well, she made it through surgery, which is a good sign. But because she lost so much blood, she is in Intensive Care so that they can watch her to make sure nothing goes wrong as she's healing. Because she made it through sugery, there is a bigger chance that she will live, but of course there is still the possibility that she won't make it. Also, because she is in Intensive Care, no visitors are allowed in for 2 hours, as long as everything goes smoothly." he said. "Okay, thanks Doc." I said. I went over and told the lads what the doctor told me, and then we waited. Finally, they told us she could have visitors, but only one at a time. I went in first. "Hey babe. How are you feeling?" I asked her. "I'm okay. I'm tired though." she said weakly. "Well then I'll let you get some sleep, ok babe? I love you so much and I'm so glad you're okay." I said and kissed her forehead softly. "I love you too Ni." she said. Then she fell asleep. I went into the hall and told everyone she was asleep. They said that they would come visit her later or the next day. We left and went home, and as soon as I got to my room, I fell asleep.

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