To Good to Be True

On the way to a One Direction concert, Gracie meets the boy of her dreams, and gets 7 new best friends. But will Niall and Gracie's relationship work out? Will she be able to keep her new friendships alive? Read to find out! ~~ Hey guys! So this is my first Movella and its probably gonna suck, so if its horrible, I apologize ahead of time. If you like it, please leave me a comment telling me what you think. Thanks!! -Gracie :)


1. Tickets

Gracie's POV 

'Text 'One Direction Tickets' to 50559 now to get the chance to win a front row ticket and a backstage pass to their New Orleans concert on Friday Night.' I had been waiting to here those words for so long. I quickly picked up my phone and did as the announcer said. After a few minutes, my phone buzzed. Time to see if I won. Slowly, I picked up my phone and opened the message. It said "Congratulations! You have just won a front row ticket and a backstage pass to the One  Direction concert on Friday. Please respond ASAP with your address so that we can send you your prize." I began screaming in delight. " Omigod 

Omigod OMIGOD!!! I WON!!!! WOOHOO!!!" I yelled. My mom came rushing downstairs to see why I was screaming. "Sweetheart what has gotten into you?! Why were you screaming" she asked. " I just won a front row ticket and a backstage pass to a concert on Friday" I said. " Oh. Well, congratulations. What concert is it?" she asked. I screamed in reply, " ONE DIRECTION!! I WON TICKETS TO SEE ONE DIRECTION!!" "Oh sweetie that's wonderful. I have to tell you something though" she replied. "What is it?" "Well, i have to go out of town for business and I will be gone for 6 months to a year"she said sadly. "What?! Why?"I screamed at her. "Well i have to go to Rome for some business that needs to be done"she said. "Oh. When are you leaving?"I asked. "Tonight. I know its short notice, but i just found out less than a hour ago. It was supposed to be in a week, but they moved it. Well, i better go pack." With that, she left. 'Wow, thanks so much for ruining my day' I thought to myself. On that note, I went to go call my friends and tell them the news.

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