To Good to Be True

On the way to a One Direction concert, Gracie meets the boy of her dreams, and gets 7 new best friends. But will Niall and Gracie's relationship work out? Will she be able to keep her new friendships alive? Read to find out! ~~ Hey guys! So this is my first Movella and its probably gonna suck, so if its horrible, I apologize ahead of time. If you like it, please leave me a comment telling me what you think. Thanks!! -Gracie :)


4. Meeting Everyone

Gracie's POV

Now that me and Niall are together, he said that he wants me to meet everyone properly. "Okay. So this is El. She is dating Louis." he said, pointing to El. I waved and so did she. "This is Dani and Perrie. Dani is dating Liam and Perrie is dating Zayn." he told me. I said hi and waved and they did the same. Perrie gave me a hug too. "Then I'm guessing you pretty much know the boys, but I'll still do an introduction so they know who you are. So that's Liam, that's Zayn, that's Louis, and Harry was the one who ran out. And of course you know me." he said, pointing to each one of the guys as he said their names. I told them all hello and I gave them each a hug. "I'm so grateful to have all of you as friends. You guys are so nice." I said. "Hey, Gracie, do you maybe wanna come on tour with us?" asked Zayn nervously. "Totally!" I said. "Now I can see you every day, which is good because I would go crazy missing you." Niall said. "Aww you're so sweet baby" I told him. This was gonna be totally amazing!

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