This is just something random about how I know I'm obsessed with middle earth. Lots of people seem to be doing things like this so I thought I'd have a go
I was slightly hyper when I started this and I don't expect anyone to like it so I don't mind if you hate it
Just in case you do like it and you have any other ideas please post them.
Jehan's Muse will be commenting on something else not sure what yet
(Blurb by WritingForTheShire234)


19. One does not simply

Am I the only person who has noticed this?:

on the one does not simply jokes with the picture of Boromir he has two fingers shaped in an eye shape

because he was actually saying "the great eye is ever watchful" at that moment

so why is a pic of that moment used for "one does not simply" jokes (example: one does not simply have time for that)?


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