The Unfortunnate Soul

Rose was not your average girl she was depressed. She isn't one of the perfect girls you always hear stories about she isn't amazing, awesome, beautiful, she's just a girl gone wrong, and thats not about to change.


1. Chapter 1


Rose's P.O.V

"ROSE," my father yelled.

"What do you want," I screamed.

"Come here," he replied ," or do you want another beating?" I rushed downstairs to my drunken father.

"What is it ?" I asked.

"Pass me the whiskey on the table,"he commanded.

"It's empty," I said.

"Then get me another," he yelled.

" I don't have any money ," I said.

"That's not my problem,"he says," just jet me another bottle of jack." I head out hoping that I will be able to hind what he needs.

I walk up to the super market and go inside, I look for the alcohol area and I walk over calmly and pick up a bottle of Jack Danielles. I stuff it in my hoodie and run towards the door.


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