The violet dawn

This is a story about Lily, who is an orphan, has 'witch' eyes, can see ghosts and speak to animals. A work in progress, i'm not really sure where i'm going with this.


2. 2


Claire liked to call the room a 'social area'  but that made it sound like either a school dining hall or a games room with ping-pong tables and stuff when really its just a normal living room. The walls were cream (Claire didn't want white because of 'grubby fingers'), there was a T.V in one corner and a potted plant in another. A 3-seater brown leather sofa was along one wall and beanbags are scattered around the room. Flakes of dust floated in the light let in from the windows. It was an ugly room but the only one in which both boys and girls were allowed in at the same time as well as being the only one with a T.V.

             "I wonder if there'll be any hot guys tomorrow..."sighed Natalie dreamily ( honestly, the girl's boy crazy ). 

"Hey! I'm hot!" Liam protested,"But anyway, forget about guys, i need some girls in this house!" 

 "Not with that face your're not."Snorted Sophie. 

"Really Guys?" i said, shocked, " The people arriving here tomorrow have just had a really close friend killed, two actually, and you lot are talking about how good looking they'll be? Not to mention they'll have a completely new guardian to look after them as their old one is missing and if that wasn't enough they are leaving their homes to come and live with complete strangers! What? Do you seriously think they're going to want to flirt and joke? How would you feel if two of us were murdered?"

              They had the grace to look shame faced at least. Pretty soon everyone was muttering apologies and feeling a little bit guilty. I didn't judge them though, i mean, even i wanted some hot guys to arrive here.Who wouldn't? I just wasn't obsessed like everyone else. Rusty jumped up onto the sofa and, resting his head on my lap, barked "Okay, can you ask about the murder now? I want some gossip!" Giving him a withering glare, i tried to stifle my laughter. Annoying dog, i thought, while rolling my eyes.

                  I conceded to his request because i was curious myself and wanted to hear everyone else's opinions. A murder was pretty rare in our town - actually any serious crime was practically unheard of. Black Meadows is a small tourist town where all of the locals know about each other. It isn't small enough that everyone knew each other personally, but small enough that you at least knew everybody's names - even if you'd never actually met them before. Tourists visited all year round but the tourist season was in winter and summer. The scenery was beautiful. There's a huge beach with lots of little caves in the cliffs, an enormous lake that is perfect for fishing, a forest filled with animals (even rare ones) and the whole town is bordered by mountains and hills. During winter, Black meadows becomes alive with tourists looking to go skiing on the snow covered mountains and large hills or to ice skate on the frozen lake. In summer people came for the beach, to go camping in the woods or for a fishing holiday. Holidays are also popular tourist times, with couples coming for a weekend retreat on valentines day and families coming at christmas.

                       Pretty soon it had gotten dark and Claire sent everyone to bed even though it was only 9.30pm, insisting that if we went to bed any later then we wouldn't get up early enough in the morning.No one had any information on the murder but we all agreed that we would all be kind in the morning but not too nice. We all knew what it was like to have people coming up to you and constantly saying how sorry they pretend to be when all you want is to be left alone and it isn't even you who's dead! We didn't want to be those people yet we also wanted information on the murders ( I know its horrible but we're nosy!) so we were going to be subtle. Or try to anyway. When i laid my head on my purple pillow - did  mention my favourite colour is purple? - i closed my eyes and instantly fell asleep.





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