The violet dawn

This is a story about Lily, who is an orphan, has 'witch' eyes, can see ghosts and speak to animals. A work in progress, i'm not really sure where i'm going with this.


1. 1

Rusty dove at me happily, welcoming me home from school. His bronze coat shone in the porch light as he clawed at my legs and begged to be picked up. My name echoed in my mind like a mantra " Lily! Lily! Lily! " the voice chanted. It was rusty. Yes, i can understand animals. Every woof, every bark or howl was translated in my head. It was like my brain had a built in translator for the animal language and their thoughts. Weird right? Turns out that my life was about to get even weirder.

                         When i finally managed to get inside rusty relaxed and started up the stairs to my room. I was about to follow when: "Lillian Doe! Get here right this minute!"Claire shouted from the kitchen. Obviously i was in trouble again for some reason. "I don't get why you put up with this, if it was me, i would get her fired," came rusty's growl from beside me"or tear her throat out." he added after some consideration. I rolled my eyes; rusty was such a violent dog sometimes. "You know its not that simple rusty; we'd have to get proof...And there's no way i'm getting arrested for murder."i said.

                            When i got to the the kitchen i realised things were much more serious than i thought. Everyone was gathered here: Natalie, Liam, Harry, the twins (Lucy (Lucinda) and Ella (Elinore)), Sophie and Michael. They were sat around the large table and looking accusingly at me. Claire was stood with her hands on her hips, glaring at me. "What?" i asked angrily. 

                       "There's been a murder," Claire said, sighing.

"What! When? Who?What did the police say? Please tell me this is a prank!" It wouldn't have been the first time, after all, once Natalie had pretended she was pregnant before. But this didn't seem like something to joke about, especially when my parents had been murdered.

                       "Last night, they found the bodies a couple of hours ago. There were two, kids from the care home across the street. Their care-worker is missing too so the rest of the children are going to be staying here." 

"So the two care homes are coming together in one big one?Awesome!" yelled Michael.He's an idiot i know. But the care homes joining together would be a good thing as Claire wouldn't be able to impose her extremely strict rules and punishments. Not that i felt happy happy about it, i mean, someone just got murdered! "Oh My God, Michael, I can't believe you just said that! Two people have been murdered and you're actually happy? What is wrong with you?" cried Sophie, horrified.

                     "Anyway, there is gong to be a curfew from now on. You have to be in at 7o'clock every night. I only want you safe."Claire went on. This brought a lot of grumbles from the rest of us, not least me. My favourte time of day is in the inbetween stage of day or night. The sun isn't so bright that it blinds you and it isn't so dark that you cant see.You can sometimes see the sun and moon and occasionally the stars. All nocturnal animals are waking up and the daylight animals are going to sleep. I know its strange but i get a strange kind of peace at this time.

                     Finally, after reminding us to be up early and look 'presentable' in the morning (the other children would be arriving) Claire declared our gathering over with a big "MEETING DISMISSED!".We all left our seats and made our way to the lounge.


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