High school is hard, especially when you move schools In the middle of year 11! The story is simple, I moved schools with my best friend Ashton, and met the best people you will ever meet. I had a relationship with one of them... But then someone else got in the way... Stay tuned to find out who he is! I bet you'll love him!


7. Woah!

We arrived at our Music class just as our teacher started the lesson. "Afternoon students. Today we will be just making music so get into fives!" Mr Lewis said. I looked at my four best friends; Michael, Zenia, Callum and Ash. We all picked an instrument. Callum got the Bass Guitar, Ash got the Drums, Mikey got the Acoustic Guitar and me and Zenia got the microphones! Ash started a beat, and then the Guitars got involved and me and Zenia realised it was the tune to Teenage Dirtbag! "I'm just a Teenage Dirtbag baby..." We sung. Everyone else stopped and just listened to us. I guessed we sounded good. "Thank you very much for listening class mates!" Ash shouted! 

"RINGGGG!" There was the bell for lunch! "Yessss!" The boys shouted as me and Zenia went to go find Luke. Me and Zenia passed the Lunch Hall where the boys were, and ran upstairs to get Luke. "Hey baby!" Zenia said when she saw Luke. "Shh!" He said. "I have detention, I can't come down." He said sadly. "Okay babes." Zenia said. She hugged him and went back downstairs with me. "Hey, don't we have a cut off day today?" Zen asked. "I think so, we don't have a fith class." I said as we joined the boys in the Hall. "Hey! Ada, come sit next to me!" Mikey shouted down the table. I blushed and switched seats. He out his arm around me and someone shouted my name. "Adelaide!" I looked around and saw Sophie. "Hey!! Sophie, I haven't seen you since this morning!" I said as I hugged her. "So? What do you want?" I asked. "Well, you know Liam from our tutor?" She said. "Yeah? Why?" I asked, looking puzzled. "Well, he is my new boyfriend!" She said excitedly! "Wow! Well I hope you told Niall." I said to her. "Yeah, I didn't tell him, somehow he found out." She said. "Anyway bye! Going to meet Liam in the science lab!" She said, waving goodbye. 

I sat back down and started eating my chips. Ash nicked a few and so did Callum. Mikey actually asked and I said yes. "So we are meeting up at 5 yes?" Callum asked. "Yeah!" I replied. "Adelaide!" Someone shouted me again. I looked round, it was Niall! "Hey Niall!" I said and I walked up to him. He gave me a huge hug. I looked around and Michael looked jealous for some reason. I looked back at Niall and he said "Hey! What's up! Have you heard about Liam and Sophie?!" He said kind of angrily. "Yeah? You sad or???" I asked. "Kind of. But anyway I have to go, but heads up, I think Gracie likes Ash!" He walked away. Oh my gosh! Gracie LIKES ASH!  I knew he would never like her seeing as she made Niall and Sophie split up, but it was just so funny!!

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