High school is hard, especially when you move schools In the middle of year 11! The story is simple, I moved schools with my best friend Ashton, and met the best people you will ever meet. I had a relationship with one of them... But then someone else got in the way... Stay tuned to find out who he is! I bet you'll love him!


12. The Next Day - Part 2

"What do we have next Lukey?" Zenia said to Luke as the bell went. It was funny because when the bell went, everyone in the lunch hall stood up at the same time! "ICT I think babes." He said. He put his shoulder around Zenia and we all walked to ICT, except Callum who wasn't in our teaching set. Me, Zenia and Chiara talked all the way to ICT. Luke was sort of being dragged by Zenia because me, Zenia and Chiara walked pretty fast. We went into the ICT room and started our lesson. "Luke? How did you do that thing... With the... You know... That thing! On the computer!" Zenia said, struggling to get the right words. "Oh thanks Zen, that really helps me." Luke said sarcastically. He knew what she ment because he took hold of her mouse and did something with it. 

"BRINNG!" The bell finally rung! I didn't really like ICT, I preferred the next class we had; Drama. Unfortunately, drama was also called off due to the lack of empty classes. So, just like 2nd lesson, we had no 4th lesson. "So do we just have lunch now then?" Michael asked. "Yeah, I think. The snack bar is open and stuff so I'm guessing." Ash said. "Okay then. Lets go sit down." Michael said. He took me by the hand and we ran to claim a table. "God, I have to go line up!" Callum said, putting on a puppy dog face. "Anyone come with me?" He added. I got up and everyone else followed. Apart from Zenia and Luke who were keeping the table. "They are such a cute couple!" I said, kinda talking to myself but Michael over-heard me. "Yeah..." He said. "Cal, what are you getting." I asked, just to break the silence. "I don't know. Pasta King probably... I'll get the spicy one." He said, looking at the spicy sauces. "Hello deary, what can I get you?" The lady at the counter said to Callum. "Uh, the Spicy Pasta King please." He said, he got the money out of his pocket and we sat down again. 

"What do you say?!" Luke asked Zenia, smiling. "What are you thinking of doing guys?" Ash asked them. "I want Zen to co-host a house party I am going to have. It's only going to be a few people. You guys and Sophie, Liam and Niall from Ada and Ash's tutor. "Oh! Yay! Can't wait. When is it?" Michael asked. "Tonight. Zenia is going to sleep round because its Saturday tommorow."  Luke answered. "But I'm sleeping round Zenia's on Saturday night." I said. "You can sleepover as well then, Ada. It will be easier for you." Luke said smiling. "Okay thanks Lukey!!" I said mocking him. He laughed and we went outside. 

"LIAM! WHAT THE HELL! NO I DON'T! WHY WOULD YOU SAY THAT?!?" I heard Sophie shout. "I didn't say ANYTHING! I promise!" Liam said back, slightly calmer! "Gracie, did he, or did he not, say that I still loved Niall!" Sophie said to Gracie Collins. "What's going on here Sophie?" Luke asked her. "Liam, said that I LOVE Niall!" She said. "GOODBYE LIAM! I AM DUMPING YOU!" Sophie screamed. I took a quick look at Gracie, she looked pretty smug with herself. I took the boys and Zen back inside and said quietly; "Guys, don't you think Gracie is kinda trying to, I don't know, maybe... Ruin Sophie's LIFE!" I said sternly. Everyone nodded. "Yeah!" Zenia agreed. 

"BRINGGG!" Bell again! Everyone started to walk towards the stairs until they were stopped. "ATTENTION STUDENTS! THERE WILL BE NO FITH LESSON DUE TO GCSE EXAMS!" Our head teachers voice said on the microphone. "Yes! So we can go straight home!" I said racing Michael out of the doors. He beat me by a second! How unfair! "Damn it!" I said, playfully hitting his arm. I actually kind of hurt my hand! "Guys! Walk home with me! Then you can help me set up the house party!" Luke said pointing to the way he walks to his house. "It's not far, I promise Ash!" Luke said. I nodded and followed Luke, Zenia, Michael and Callum who clearly knew where they were going. Me and Ash were just at the back looking like lost sheep! 

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