High school is hard, especially when you move schools In the middle of year 11! The story is simple, I moved schools with my best friend Ashton, and met the best people you will ever meet. I had a relationship with one of them... But then someone else got in the way... Stay tuned to find out who he is! I bet you'll love him!


8. The Game

"RINGGGG" yes the bell! We can go home! No fith lesson today so yay! "Okay Ash, let's go get the bus." I said, grabbing Mikey and Ash's arms and pulling the outside and hugging everyone goodbye. "Bye Zen! Bye Luke! Bye Cal!" I hugged the all. "And bye Mikey!" I said smiling at him. Me and Ash walked to the bus and got on it. We ran to the back of the bus and sat down. We talked about our awesome first day. "I need to get changed really fast because I have GOT to have dinner! I am so hungry!" I laughed. 

We arrived home and I ran upstairs and got my 'Melbourne Football Club' shirt on. I got some denim shorts and ran back downstairs to eat a quick sandwich. Ash made me a Tomato and lettuce sandwich and we sat down and watched TV for an hour. Ash got a text from Callum saying; 'Hey dude, we are moving the game to 3 because Luke has to babysit his brother at 6 -Callum.' I checked my watch and it was five minutes to 3 so we ran so fast down to the field. We met Luke, Zenia and Callum halfway there. "Where is Mikey?" I asked. "He lives right next to the field. He is going to meet us there." Luke said, wrapping his arm around Zenia. "I'll race ya!" I shouted and sprinted down the road. Everyone else tryed to catch me but they couldn't. I looked behind me but kept running. Suddenly tripped but someone caught me. I looked up, it was Mikey! "Thank you so much!" I said shocked. "It's okay." He helped me up and we joined everyone else. "Come on let's start the game!" Luke said. 

We played for 2 hours and me and Michael won 7-5 against Zenia, Luke and Callum. "I have to get home." Luke said. He hugged Zenia and ran off to get home. Michael went and sat on the slide in the play area. I went and crept up the ladder on the other side of the climbing frame and snuck up behind him. I pushed him and shouted "BOO!" He freaked out and fell down the slide. "You idiot!" He shouted. He pulled me down the slide and I hit my chin. Then he felt bad and said sorry and started petting me! "Oh my gosh! You're so stupid!" I said. "Let's go!" Callum shouted. "Hey! Can we come round for a few hours?" Zenia asked. "Yeah! My mum is out and my sister is looking after us. She'll let you in!" I said. We all walked home together

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