High school is hard, especially when you move schools In the middle of year 11! The story is simple, I moved schools with my best friend Ashton, and met the best people you will ever meet. I had a relationship with one of them... But then someone else got in the way... Stay tuned to find out who he is! I bet you'll love him!


16. Movie Saturday Pt.2

I woke up feeling so sick... Strange because I only felt like I had a small cold a few hours ago. "Mikey..." I said with a croaky voice and sounding timid. "Yeah?" Mikey answered, sounding quite tired. "I feel sick." I said quietly. I didn't want to speak because I thought it might provoke something. "Oh babes! Do you want to go lie on the couch with a blanket?" He asked me softly. "Yes please." I said and turned onto my side and put my legs out of the duvet. "I'll carry you. Don't want you to feel any more sick." He said. He picked me up bridal style and carried me downstairs. "You're so sweet!" I said to him.

When we got downstairs everyone looked at us in shock. "What's up with you Ada?!" Zen shouted and ran over to me. She looked at Michael hinting for him to tell her. "She feels sick. That's all. She wants to lie down." Michael said walking over to the couch. Ashton and Calum got up off the couch and moved to a different seat so I could lie down. "Thanks guys." I said quietly. "You look so pale!" Ashton said kneeling beside me. I laughed. "I'm not dying Ash!" I said kissing his cheek. "But thanks anyways!" I smiled and so did he.

We all heard a "giggle giggle" in the back of the front room. We all turned our heads and Zen and Luke were kissing each other and tickling each other. "What?" Luke asked. We all laughed. "Can we put a movie on?" I asked. "Yeah sure. Which one?" Luke asked. "Actually... Can we put 'friends' back on?" I asked. Zen sat on my legs. Her butt was warm... But anyway...! "Am I hurting you Ada?" Zen asked. "Nahh I'm fine."  I replied. 

I must've drifted back off to sleep because I woke up and everyone was somewhere else. Zen and Luke were upstairs and everyone else was in the kitchen. "Shall we go out somewhere? I feel loads better now." I said, getting up and waking over to Mikey. I leaned onto him and kissed him. I winked. He smiled. "Yeah, let's go toy he park again!" Zen said. "Yeah!" Calum agreed. "We'll it's settled then!"

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