High school is hard, especially when you move schools In the middle of year 11! The story is simple, I moved schools with my best friend Ashton, and met the best people you will ever meet. I had a relationship with one of them... But then someone else got in the way... Stay tuned to find out who he is! I bet you'll love him!


25. I Love You

The bus pulled up at school and we all got off. We walked Zen to her tutor and went in for a bit. We said hi to Sophie and a few other old tutor friends. 

"Bye then Zen! I'll see you in Food!" I said to her. 

We hugged goodbye. Louis strayed off behind. We all thought he was behind us. Niall had been talking him for 5 minutes, even though he wasn't there. He wasn't answering Niall so we all looked round. He wasn't there. He was talking to Zen in the tutor!


I was talking to Zen. I had to tell her something pretty important. She was talking up a storm though! 

"Uh, babe. Stop talking for a sec, ok?!" I said jokingly, giving her a wink. 

"Oh! Sorry, ok!" She said in her cutesy voice, flipping her gorgeous, black hair. 

"Ok, I'm not one of those shy guys so... Babe, I love you! Bye!" I said cheerfully, giving her a cheesy smile and a thumbs up. 

She looked really shocked at this. She looked guilty too. I think she has a boyfriend! Damn it. 

"Uh, I appreciate that! I kinda like you too but... I have a boyfriend.Who I adore. I can't. I'm sorry Louis." She said, looking really sad for me.

I didn't want her too feel like that. I said bye and she walked back into her tutor. I ran back to the boys and Ada. They asked me where I had been. 

"Well... I told Zen I love her. She told me... She had a boyfriend." I said slightly disappointed.
Ada came and hugged me. She was way shorter than me so she came up to just below my shoulders! She wrapped her hands around my waist and squeezed. She walked back to Zayn and got on her tip-toes and kissed his cheek. They're such a cute couple!


I kissed Zayn on his cheek. I had to really stretch to reach him. I wish I wasn't so small! 

"Awh babe, you're so cute. I live how small you are! I'm gonna tease you!" Zayn said to me. 

"How? Oh never mind just give me a kiss!" I said.

I stretched up and tried to kiss his cheek again. He kept pulling away. I guess that's what he meant by teasing me! 

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