High school is hard, especially when you move schools In the middle of year 11! The story is simple, I moved schools with my best friend Ashton, and met the best people you will ever meet. I had a relationship with one of them... But then someone else got in the way... Stay tuned to find out who he is! I bet you'll love him!


20. Everything Is Changing

"Are you freaking serious?" Zen said to me. "Yes... What should I do? You're my best friend! Help meeeee!" I said. "He is so sweet and he loves you so much... But... Just do whatever you have to do Hun! If its not meant to be... It's not meant to be!" She said lovingly giving me a hug. "But... He'll hate me because... I'm dumping him for someone else... I feel so bad and I know it's a horrible thing to do its just... I love another guy!" I said, feeling so guilty. "What?! Who is it?! It'd better not be any of his best friends. OR GEORGE!" She shouted and gasped. "PLEASE! Tell me it's not GEORGE!" She shouted again. "No!!! No it's not! It's... Do you know Louis?" I said calming her down. "Oh good... And which Louis?" She asked, more calmly this time. "Louis Tomlinson. The one I sometimes hang with." I said, walking over to the kitchen to a drink. "Oh yeah I know him. So you like Louis? Or does he like you?" She asked. "No it's not Louis. It's his really really fit friend... Zayn!" I said smiling into the cup I was drinking out of. Just the thought of him made me want to jump off a cliff or something. He liked me back which was the main thing. "Oh! Him! Yeah he's good looking! And he likes you too?" She asked, walking over to me. "yeah he does. But... How am I going to tell Mikey?" I asked her, leaning against the breakfast bar. "I don't know... Maybe just go up to him and be like... 'YO! IM DUMPING YOU!' Ya know?" She said, laughing. I laughed really hard, I spat all my drink out over the floor! "Pha! Love, keep it in." She laughed, grabbing the mop and cleaning the water up. "Sowwy mommy!" I said in a baby voice. We laughed. 

The next morning was school. I got up, got dressed and went downstairs to find Zen, Luke, and the one person I didn't want to see; Michael. "Hi babe!" Michael said to me. I smiled. Zen grimaced at me, so did Luke. I guess Zen told Luke. "Morning." I said in a glum voice. "We don't have much time so... Lets go catch our bus without Ash and Cal!" Zen said. We all walked to the bus stop together. Michael kept trying to hold my hand, every time he did so; I pretended to start having a conversation with Zen and not know he was doing it. "WAIT!" I heard a voice shout behind us. It was Ash and Cal running up behind. As soon as we got to the bus stop, the bus pulled up. We got on and sat down. Luke winked at me as we got on as if to say 'I know.' Zen sat next to me, but Luke sat on the other side to stop Michael from sitting next to me. "Thanks." I whispered to Luke."You didn't have to." I whispered again.

When we got to school, we walked to tutor together. "Michael?" I said quietly, and beckoned him out of the room. "Yeah?" He said, walking towards me. "I'm sorry... But... I'm dumping you. It's just not working out." I said to him. "Oh... Well... I don't know what to say..." He said. He almost had tears in his eyes. Poor guy. "You don't have to say anything." I said. 

"Adelaide! There you are princess!" I heard a guy say to me. I looked round, it was Zayn. "He grabbed my hand and pulled me away. "Oh! Michael! And I'm moving tutors! See you!" I shouted to him. Me and Zayn ran off down the corridor and round the corner until Michael was out of sight. 

Well I guess that's the end of Adelaide... I miss her already. I was about to cry when Zen and Luke walked out of the tutor. I sniffed and shrugged it off. "Hey Michael? What's wrong?" Zen said, putting her arm around me. "Adelaide just dumped me, for Zayn. And she also moved tutors." I said to them both. "Oh! She didn't tell me she was moving tutors!" Zen said. She looked like she was about to cry. "I'm going to miss seeing her every morning in tutor..." She added, she snivelled and rubbed her nose. "Yeah..." I said. "ding" Luke's phone went off. "I just got a text from her! It's says; 'hey! You guys know I'm with Zayn now. I'm going to be staying with him at his house with his friends! So I won't be getting on the same bus as you either. BUT! I'll still be in your classes! So... See you!' That's what it says" Luke said to us. I took his phone and read it for myself. "Great... She's drifting away from us. Ashton isn't going to be happy, I don't think." Zen said. 

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