High school is hard, especially when you move schools In the middle of year 11! The story is simple, I moved schools with my best friend Ashton, and met the best people you will ever meet. I had a relationship with one of them... But then someone else got in the way... Stay tuned to find out who he is! I bet you'll love him!


11. And The Next Day...

I woke up happy, obviously! How could I not be happy! Michael, who I have liked for ages, ASKED ME OUT! It was actually the most amazing thing ever! "Zenia! Wake up!" I said shaking her awake. "What? Oh yeah!" She said, realising it was school. We both got dressed and walked downstairs. The boys were already down there. Callum winked at me, I guess he defiantly knew! "Hey! What do you want Ada? Zenia?" Ash asked. I got to the bottom of the stairs and Michael came up to me, wrapped his arm round my shoulder and escorted me to the breakfast bar. He is so sweet!!! I was freaking out inside. "So how are the new cute couple? Apart from Zen and Luke of course!" Callum teased. "I bet we could be cuter than them!" Michael said, cupping my face in his hands and pecked my lips. I smiled. He laughed. He walked away to go get his breakfast and chatted to Luke and Ashton. "Callum! Now that you know about me and Michael. I deserve to know about you and Chiara!" I bribed him. "Okay! I actually think she is in your teaching group!" He said. "Really? What does she look like?" I asked him. "Well she has really long, gorgeous, browny-blonde hair. She is quite tall, just taller than you." He said while half eating toast. "I swear I know her... Does she love Justin Beiber?!" I asked him. "Yeah!!" He said smiling. "Yep, I know her." I smiled and realised something. "Hey guys! You have to go on the bus!" I said excitedly! "Oh yeah! Yesssss!" Luke said. "I call shotgun on sitting next to Zenia!" He said hugging her. "We can all sit together! There are six seats at the back... It's a really wide bus." Ash said fading out a bit at the end.  "Yes! I am sitting next to Ada!" Michael said and then immediately putting a hand over his mouth and turned bright red and really embarrassed. I giggled a bit. But how cute was that!! 

We walked to the bus stop together, Zenia and Luke were behind us doing something romantic-ey. We got to the bus stop just on time. The bus pulled up and we all jumped on. We ran to the back and sat down. The order of us was; Luke, Zenia, Me, Michael, Ashton then Callum. "So what do we have first guys?" I asked. "I think we have P.E." Michael answered, he smiled and turned around to talk to Ash. That should be fun... 

When we got to school we heard the bell go. We rushed to the changing rooms and got changed really quickly. We met each other outside. The boys and girls were split up into groups of gender. At least I was with Zenia! All the girls sat down on the football court and listened to our teacher. We were doing throwing and catching. Me and Zenia paired up, Sophie was in our P.E group as well. She was with some girl called Lily, she was in our tutor also. 

I was throwing and catching with Zenia until someone shouted both our names from the Tennis courts. We turned around, it was Michael and Luke. We waved and got back to what we were doing. I turned around a few minutes later and they were both still stood there just looking at us. I turned back around and continued our game. "They are kinda creeping me out now!" Zenia joked. I nodded and laughed. "CLIFFORD, HEMMINGS! STOP STARING AT THOSE GIRLS! DETENTION FOR BOTH OF YOU!" The boys' P.E teacher shouted at them. Me and Zenia cracked up laughing. We were crying of laughter really! "So I guess they have detention then!" I Cried through tears of laughter. Our P.E lesson was over. It was a surprise that me and Zenia didn't get a detention! We were talking through the whole lesson! We walked into the changing room and went to the toilets. We turned on the tap and THE WATER WAS YELLOW! "What the actual HELL!" I shouted! It was disgusting! "That's vile!" Zenia said. We walked out and got changed into our normal uniforms. Sophie and one of her friends talked to us. "OMG One Direction is so AMAZAYN!" Sophie's friend said to us. She had the worst make up on ever! She had orange foundation on HALF of her face! She looked so bad! 

Me and Zenia walked out of the changing rooms and realised we couldn't have lesson 2 because all of the classes were full for GCSE classes. "I guess it's break then! The boys will be having their detention now won't they!" Zenia said. We walked down to where the P.E detentions are held. Michael and Luke were sat in the P.E Office getting shouted at. We looked through the glass in the window. The P.E teacher turned around and spotted us. We couldn't run, that would be obvious. We just backed away from the door. "Girls? What are you doing here?!" The PE teacher asked us. "We were just wondering if the two boys will be having detention for the whole break." I asked politely. "Oh, no, I will let them go in a few minutes. Wait outside if you want!" He said as he closed the door and continued shouting. "Always be polite! It will get you somewhere!" I said shaking my head. 

A few minutes later the boys came out and Luke and Zenia held hands. It was awkward between me and Michael. "Just hold hands for gods sake!" Luke said to us. Michael wrapped his fingers around my hand and we walked into the lunch hall. I saw Callum sat with a girl. It's Chiara! I ran up to her and said; "Hi! I'm Adelaide! I have heard a lot about you! Chiara right?" I asked. "Yeah hi!" She said. We all sat down. Me Zenia and Chiara really hit it off! I really loved Chiara now! She is so funny and nice! We are pretty much best friends now, although no one could replace Ash! 

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