Week long fantasy

Hi, welcome to the diary of ms. Emerald Winston young 13 year old girl. Emerald is you're average teen lots of attitude but a heart were it counts, she doesn't believe in any type of magic or myth. One day emeralds mother a friend of a non muggle or a wizard decides to teach emerald to believe in what you can't see. Her mother writes a letter to Hogwarts asking them to take her daughter in for one week and let her live the life of a wizard for just sweet. They happily reply, soon emerald is whisked away to a school were the impossible is possible and there is no such thing as myth.


1. September 8th

Dear diary  

Hi, I'm Emerald Winston, and you are my diary. I apologize now for how little I know about writing in diaries. For ya see I have never actually HAD a diary, I was never really interested in wasting my time writing when I could be going to the mall, on the computer, or any other more useful thing. My mom was the one who insisted I have a diary she told me that there's something I'm not going to want to forget, something magical. As if magic doesn't exist there is no such thing as wizards or witches, sorry for bursting you're bubble but it'd just not logical. Trust me the only magical thing existing is my iPhone. About me, I guess since you can't see me I will describe myself, I'm 5'2 with long red curly hair streaked with blond. I have so called emerald green eyes and a bucket load of freckles. I'm VERY pale to. That's bout it.

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