Forever or Never

When a young teenager girl decides to take her life, she records her last message. Christine Williams moves with in with her Dad and enrolls into a new school, and she meets a girl named Amber, and slowly falls for her brother.
But after people finding out Christine's feelings for James, a rumor goes around school that's she is a slut and is pregnant. She slowly disolves into an eating disorder, by the people calling her fat, and then decides the best way to end this rumor is to take her life. With the video remote in hand, she turns it off and steps up on the chair.


2. PreFace

Sometimes, there’s a point in life. A point where sometimes you wish you could start over.

I hit record and step back from the camera. I  held the rope in your hand. The rope that would end my  life.  I  breath in,

“Hi. I’m Christine Williams.”

I breath in,

A time where you could simply walk away from the life your living and restart it all over again.

“ And this rope,”

I hold the rope up,

“Is helping me end my life.”

As for me, I’ve probably been there time after time. Where I just wanted to end it. Where all I do is feel worthless, that I’m to fat or to ugly for society.

“Why? Because everyone has made me feel worthless. I could say names, gives reasons, but I think if I told everyone, they’d ignore me. Until my soul is no longer on this earth.”

I wish I could be like a girl on a magazine where all she is, is a fake woman. How if you walk into a store and all the clothes are to tiny. Or you get laughed at in public because you’ll never be able to fit in to society.

“And that’s how everyone will hear my story.”

I  look in the camera once more and grab the remote.

“To everyone that has loved me, or loves me. Please after watching this, don’t give up on life, like I did.”

Well that’s a ton of girls’ stories nowadays. Maybe even centuries ago. You could ask 1 girl what their insecurity is and sometimes they’ll lie and say nothing, but in the end, there is something, whether it’s her thighs, her weight, her eyes or herself. Period. There’s a story behind every face,

You point the remote up and hit stop. You pull the rope and get on the chair.

But this is my story.

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