Forever or Never

When a young teenager girl decides to take her life, she records her last message. Christine Williams moves with in with her Dad and enrolls into a new school, and she meets a girl named Amber, and slowly falls for her brother.
But after people finding out Christine's feelings for James, a rumor goes around school that's she is a slut and is pregnant. She slowly disolves into an eating disorder, by the people calling her fat, and then decides the best way to end this rumor is to take her life. With the video remote in hand, she turns it off and steps up on the chair.


3. Chapter 1 Beginning

Recently my parents divorced. I moved with my mom for a while, but she was just wanted to have no limits. She wasn’t the mom I knew growing up. So I decided to move in with my dad.  He lives in a shady area, but everyone is perfect. Even the down-lows. And somehow they’re all tan. As for me, I’m pale faced, skinny, slouchy, and quiet. Never have I fit in. I was that little girl on the playground where she sat under the jungle gym and read a book about Albert Einstein. In middle school I was the girl who sat by herself at lunch and in the front of the classroom where all the nerds sat. Now in high school, I’m the girl who wears long pants instead of shorts in gym, who never talks, wears her hair down and waits till all the girls in the locker room are out before even walking to her locker. But now, my dad is pushing me to be social. More like forcing me in that matter.

“Your gonna talk to people, right?” Dad says sipping a cup of coffee,

“Um yeah I guess.”

“Please promise me you’ll try.”

“I can’t promise you that I’ll make a chirpy friend in one day.”

I walked out of the room and back upstairs to my  room. My room seemed like a normal teenagers, posters, a laptop, a cute bedspread and some nice jewel shades. But the one thing that was different, was that I had no pictures of friends from school or sports teams in a picture frame or hanging. I sighed and grabed my backpack. I avoided  my  dad and rush out of the house and hop into my lemon car. Yes it wasn’t the best but it was my baby. I yank on the door a couple times and finally it opens, I threw my  backpack in the passenger seat and sit down. I  yank the door closed again and start the car engine. After a couple tries it works and I  pull out of the driveway. I  run my fingers through your hair as I drive down the street to my  new school.

Finally I arrive at the school and hop out of the car. I  look down as I  got out and grab my  backpack. I start to walk in,

“Christine right?”

I turn around,

“Hi I’m Ethan, the school greeter.”

I nod my head,

“Well I’m here if you need someone to talk to, show you around or need a helping hand.”

I smile and start to walk away. I walk into the office and see a bunch of bad boys sitting in the chairs. I walk up to the front desk,

“Hello deary, what can I do for you?”

“I’m Christine.”

You say quietly.



“Ah yes. You’re the new student. Welcome to Jamerson high. Here’s your schedule, and a paper for the building.”

She hands you the papers and looks back at her computer. I push some hair behind your ear and walk out of the office and back into the hall. There’s the class clowns, the hipsters, the bad boys, the bad girls, the emos, the nerds, and the populars. But no one like me.

Soon classes start and I  go to the front of the class room and sit in the seat by the window. The teacher walks in and sets his briefcase on the desk and takes the marker and looks up at the class,

“Class. Today we have a new student. Please welcome Christine. Christine,”

He looks at me but I  don’t look at him,

“Please stand.”

I hesitate and then stand up, everyone starts laughing and whispering. I  quickly sit down back in the seat. Right as the bell rings I ran out of the class room. Just like the new girls in movies, I  ate my  food in a bathroom stall.

I rushed out of the bathroom and ran into someone, causing me  to drop my  books.

“I’m sorry.”

You say quickly picking up your books,

“No worries, I’m amber.”

You look up and see a beautiful girl holding her hand out,


You shake her hand,

“Your new here right?”

“Um yeah.. Just came here today.”

“Well welcome I guess.”

You two laugh.

“I didn’t see you at lunch today…”

You don’t respond,

“wait.. you were eating in the bathroom? Christine…”

“it’s nothing. I’m used to it I guess.”

You look down at the ground,

“So what classes do you have? Like heading to?”

“Pshh, Biology at the moment. What About you?”

“Me too actually.”

“Well I need a biology partner, would you wanna be my partner?”

“Um sure I guess.”

You two smile and walk into Biology.

    “Well I’ll see you later.”

You say leaving the school building. Amber waves and you walk to your car. Someone put graffiti on your car, you turn to see 3 boys laughing and pointing at you. You roll your eyes and yank on the door handle. Finally you get it open and drive home.

“Hey dad.”

You say opening the door. No response.

‘That’s right.’

You think, he works afternoons at work. You put your bag down and walk into the kitchen to grab a drink. The doorbell rings so you answer it,

“Is this the William’s residence?”

“Um yeah.”

“Hi I’m James.”

He shakes your hand,

“And your?”


“Nice to meet you.”

You look at him confused,

“Oh um my mom was dropping off a few items. She knew you were coming so thought you’d like a some clothing and other stuff.”

“Um okay.”

You push your hair behind your ears and set your Soda on the table and walk out to his truck,

“Nice truck.”

You say as you help him pull out bags.

“Thanks. Yours is..”

“Old and used. That’s why it’s called a lemon. But hey don’t dis the car.”

He laughs, You grab the bags and put them inside your house.

“So I’ll see you later?”


You and him smile and he leaves to his truck. You shut the door and lean against it. For the first time you actually smiled. You grab your soda and walk upstairs to get on your computer. You check email first. Nothing. You check your social websites. 1 friend request, You click on it and Amber shows up. You except.  Minutes later a chat window comes up,

Amber- Hey (:

You smile and reply,

Christine- Hey amber!

Amber- So I’m guessing you met my brother?

Christine- James?

Amber- Yeah. My mom was making him take my old clothes over.

Christine- haha and thanks for the clothes

Amber- So did you see our Math homework?

Christine- No not yet, Just got home. Why?

Amber- tricky question because there is none!

Christine- you booger ;)

Amber- So I was wondering if you’d like to come over this weekend?

Christine- sure (:

Amber- Alright well homework calls TTYL?

Christine- Alright ;)

Amber- Bye!! (;

Amber goes offline. You shut your computer lid and walk downstairs. You grab your backpack and sit on the sofa.


You groan and start reading.

    Chapter 2

That new car smell

“Someones fallen asleep.”

You hear your dad’s voice say, you wake up and rub your eyes.

“I guess so.”

You get up off the couch, setting your history book on the table.

“So What’s for dinner?”

You say shoving your hands into your pockets following your dad into the kitchen,



“So did you make any new friends today?”

“Sort of.”

“No I’m guessing?”

“Um no. There’s a girl named Amber. Me and her were talking.”

“Well that’s a big step.”

“I guess.”

You look around trying to think of another subject,

“So A boy named james came and dropped off some clothes.”

“James peters?”

“Um yeah. Ambers Brother.”

“he’s a good kid.”

“So I’m guessing you’re a fan?”

Your dad stares at you. He laughs and walks out of the room.

“other than that how was school.”



“yeah, eating lunch in the bathroom, being laughed at, stared at, and someone putting graffti on your car. I wouldn’t call that a perfect day.”

“Well I have a surprise for you.”

You look at your dad in the other room confused,

“Follow me.”

He opens up the front door and you follow him,

“No way!”

you yell as you say a Silver Prius in the driveway,

“Thanks Dad!”

You hug him,

“but where’s my lemon?”

“Heading to the junk yard.”

You look down,

“There wasn’t anything in there right?”

“Only tissues.”

“Well What are you waiting for?”

he throws you the keys. You catch them and run to the car. You drive away and drive around town for a while.

Chapter 3

Warming up

After a few months of settling in and warming up to Amber and James, we were so close so fast, it was like super speed. It felt like they were what I needed, to pull me out of my shell.

   Amber  invited me to her house to study so I happily drove over there. Her house was not what I had pictured it when I first came. Her house was beautiful. Glass house basiclly in the inside, but on the ouside, it looked like a mansion. Every time I pull up to her house, I’m flabbergasted. I pull up to her house, grab my backpack and walk up to the front door, after 10 seconds of ringing the doorbell, Amber greets me at the door.


She hugs me and of course I hug her back,

“Come on in.”

I followed her into her house, right as you walk in, there’s a grandfather clock in the stairway, to your left is the hidden kitchen, meaning there’s a bookshelf and when you open it, it’s the kitchen. It’s quite cool actually, then to your right is the living room. The orange couches weren’t my type but with the shimmery blanket on top and the black pillows, it really drew the fact it was an orange couch. Of course they have a fire place, some fancy items, a grand piano, and many more things. Honestly the reason I was so shocked, was because Amber and James didn’t seem to be the rich kids they were. The dressed like me really, down low. But their parents on the other hand….

“Do you want anything to eat?”

“Um Nope. I’m good.”

You smile and she walks into the kitchen,


You jump and turn around to see james,

“Hey. Don’t scare me.”

You playfully punch his arm,

“Look, so home coming is coming soon….”


“Well I was sor-“

“Alright ready Christine?”

Amber walks back from the kitchen, cutting James off, I turned around and put my finger against my lips, I swiftly turn around facing james, giving him the Continue look,

“I’ll talk to you about it later.”

He shoves his hands in his pocket and walks into the living room,

“What was that all about?”

You face Amber,

“I think he was asking me to home coming..”


Amber gasps and seems happy,

“I think James like you. Though it totally grosses me out he’s crushing on my best friend.”

“best friend?”

“Yeah… I kinda thought we were. Why question it?”

“because.. I um never had a best friend.”

“Well it’s my honor to be your best friend, now come on!”

She runs up the stairs, you shortly follow behind her. 

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