Forever or Never

When a young teenager girl decides to take her life, she records her last message. Christine Williams moves with in with her Dad and enrolls into a new school, and she meets a girl named Amber, and slowly falls for her brother.
But after people finding out Christine's feelings for James, a rumor goes around school that's she is a slut and is pregnant. She slowly disolves into an eating disorder, by the people calling her fat, and then decides the best way to end this rumor is to take her life. With the video remote in hand, she turns it off and steps up on the chair.


1. Author's Note

So this is a story I thought of. 

 The reason why i thought of writing this story is because teen bullying has become so harsh and so popular it's disgusting. So I'd thought I'd right I POV (point of view) about a girl who is not your normal teenager. 

This story is dedicated to the people who stood up for themselves and stayed strong through the process of their hard times. As for me I have personal experience. Please enjoy and always consider what you say/do to someone because it could end up to them taking their lives. Always be careful.

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