Sometimes Things Happen For a Reason

"It was all because of a mistake."
"But thanks to that mistake we're together."


3. You should text him now.

Maggie's P.O.V.

"Why did you take so long?" Caytlin asked. "The guy dialed the wrong number." I said, like it was nothing. "And?" she asked, curiously. "Well, I just bumped onto this other guy and he broke my phone's screen and then he typed his number so now I have his number." I said. Wow, if you see it this way it's crazy! "What? And what's his name?" Caytlin asked, almost shouting. "Harry?" I said. "And what happened next?" she asked, this time more calm. "I came back here, can we go through security now?" I asked, annoyed. "Yeah, sure." Caytlin said, rolling her eyes.

We went through security without a problem. It was great. And when we finally got to our gate we waited like five minutes, then we boarded the plane.

"So what about this Harry guy?" Caytlin asked. "Well, he's nice." I said. "When we get to England you have to send him message!" Caytlin demanded.





When we got to England I decided to call May. And try not to remember about Harry, and especially not to remember Caytlin about Harry.

"Hello?" my mum asked.

"Hey, mum! I already am here in England." I said, excidetly.

"That's great, sweetie! Do you want to talk with May?"  mum asked. "Definitely!" I said.

"Hello?!" May said, well, yelled. "Hey, I already am here in England! I kept my promise." I said. "I know. Well, when will you arrive at the house?" she asked, enthusiastically. "I'm not sure, I have to go to the hotel first." I said.

The reason whe weren't staying at my or their house (not mine anymore) was that it was not that big. It was already full with my family there.

"You'd better hurry up!" she yelled, and hung up. "I've heard that before." I mumbled to myself. 

"Can you please come?!" Caytlin basically yelled."Yeah, just wait a minute." I said.


"Do you think it'd be a good if I text Harry?" I asked, nervously. "Not right now, we have to get to the hotel, then we have to unpack everything, and then get to your house." she said. She usually wasn't like that, if something caught her attention she wouldn't leave it until she got bored of it. "Okay." I said, relieved. 





When we got to the hotel, Caytlin went straight to the front desk. I just waited for her in one of the sofas there. "Should I text him?" I asked, myself "Ready, I got the key!" Caytlin said. "Okay, what room did we get?" I asked. "305, third floor." she said, looking at the brochure she took from the little table next to where I was. "Mhm." I whsipered. We took the lift and made our way to our room. Then Caytlin opened the door and the room was huge and it looked quite fair.

"What do you think about it?" Caytlin asked. "What do I think about it? Well, I think this is perfect." I said, still astonished. "I thought so, and I think you should text Harry now:" she said. "Now? I want to sleep, but I can't. And we have to do so many things today!" I said, trying to change her mind, but I knew I would never be able to do it. "Okay, do it later." she said. We started to unpack and to put everything away.

We finished like an hour later. "Do you wanna go to Starbucks?" Caytlin asked, clearly bored. "Sure!" I said.

Caytlin called for a cab, and I just kept thinking whether to text Harry or not. 

We ordered our coffees and went to sit down with them and a cookie. 

"I think you should text or call Harry. Now!" she said. "Okay, okay. What do I tell him?" I asked, definitely not confidently. "Give me your phone." she said. I gave it to her and she started to type some things. "What are you doing?" I asked, nervously. "Wait!" she said, smiling. Oh god. "Here you go!" she said and gave it back. I looked at what she send him, and at that moment my life was over.


"Hey, Harry, would you like to come over to my sister's birthday party? I know we don't know each other, but I just thought it'd be a good idea to start to. With love, Maggie xx."

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