Sometimes Things Happen For a Reason

"It was all because of a mistake."
"But thanks to that mistake we're together."


1. Prologue

"You have to come, it's my birthday!" May, my little sister said. "Maybe I will. Sometimes it's not my decision," I said. "But... you'll try right?" she said sadly. "Yes I will try," I started, "But remember, I'm not that near, I'm in Ireland, not England," I said. "Yeah, but airplanes exist and airports too," she said, making me laugh. "Okay, okay I'll try my hardest," I said, and with that she hung up.


"Who was that?" Caitlyn asked. "My little sister May," I said while putting my homework away. "And what did she want?" she asked. Wow she really is nosy. "She wants me to go home for her birthday," I said. "Please don't leave me," Caitlyn said. "I hav to... or you can come with me!" I said sarcastically. "Yes! That's a great idea!" she said, oh god why did I say that? "But what if your pare-" she didn't even lt me finish when she said. "Of course they will. And I know they will pay..." she said with a smirk on her face. "Okay, do whatever you want." I said rolling my eyes.


"Wait!" she said."What?" I asked, "When are we leaving?" she asked excitedly. "Umm... whenever you want to," I said.

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