Sometimes Things Happen For a Reason

"It was all because of a mistake."
"But thanks to that mistake we're together."


2. A mystifying call.

Maggie's P.O.V.

I can't believe Caitlyn decided to go to England today! I mean, it's been just 2 days, and how did she even convinced her parents. But well, I can't judge her or tell her anything 'cause she paid or her parents paid for everything.

"Why did you decide to go today?" I asked. "Well, I didn't want to go to school today so I decided to go now," she said. Why today? We had a very important exam today, and my sister's birthday is in like one week. "And it will be fun I promise," she said. "I hope so," I said rolling my eyes. 

"And it's okay if we don´t-" she could't finish her sentence because of my phone buzzing. "Sorry," I said answering. "It's okay," she mumbled. 

"Hello?" I said.

"Where are you? I'm waiting for you in terminal B" I could tell he was a guy.

"Ummm, sorry, but who are you? And I'm in terminal A not B?" I said a bit unsure.

"What? I'm Niall," he said  "Hurry up!" he said to some other people.  "I'll be waiting here for you," he said and hung up.


"Who was that?" Caitlyn asked. "Ummm, I'm not sure, he said he was called Niall and said he would be waiting for me at terminal B" I said. "You have to go! It was a guy right?" "Yeah" I said. "Then go! I'll be here, the flight is in like one hour and a half and we heven't gone through security," she said a bit excited. "Okay, but that means I have to walk to terminal B," I said trying to change her mind. When there's a guy in the middle she does even the impossible, and no one can change her mind. "It's on the other side of this one. It will take you like five minutes to get there," she said.



When I got to terminal B I decided to call the ame number that called me.

"Hello?" the guy, or Niall said

"Where are you?" I said.

"Near the little cafeteria, almost at the door."

"Okay," I hung up.


I continued walking where he told me to go. When I finally arrived there I saw two guys. Oh god, what am I gonna do now? It will be so akward if I go and ask are you Niall?

I decided to call him one more time, the one who answered was him. 


"What now?" he said. I immediatly hung up. It was him. The guy with blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes. 

"Are you Niall?" I asked. "I guess, are you a fan or something?" he asked. A fan? Why would I be his fan? And he called me he should know who I am, 'cause I know who people are when I call them. "You called me, don't you remember?" I said. "I didn't call you," he quickly said. "Yeah you did. You were like 'I'm here in terminal B waiting for you hurry up!'" I said trying to make an irish accent. "Ugh. I made a mistake while dialing the number, I'm sorry for making you come here," he said. "It's okay," I said turning around.

While I kept walking I bumped onto someone. "Sorry," a curly haired boy said. I stood there for a while until I said "It's okay, I guess." He looked down at the floor  and so did I. My phone was there, with the screen broken. I knew I should have never let it fall so many times before. He kneeled and took my phone. "Sorry," he said. I knew he was sorry, he really looked sorry. "It's okay," I said trying to sound okay about it. "No it's not, I have to make it up for you," he said. "No, really it's okay," I said

He then typed his number in it and gave it back. "Thanks," I said. "My name's Harry by the way," he said sticking out his hand. I shook it and said, "I'm Maggie, well actually Margaret but I like Maggie," "Well, nice to meet you, Maggie!" "Nice to meet you too, Harry," I said. "Ummm, I need to leave so... bye, I guess," I said a little bit shy. Why can't I be confident? It's just a guy! 

"Oh, okay, well see you later," he winked at me. I turned around and made my way to terminal A.



A/N Ummm well this is my first time writing in here. I hope you like it, so if you do, could you please comment, like, and all that stuff. 

Love you!


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