jokes on you

this is the story about how it would feel like to be in the jokers shoes


1. How It Started


This is where phycos like me come, when we commit crimes like murder and regularly give out death threats and escape from the ordinary prisons, but overall it is a perfect death trap, for a human rodent and his troubling sidekick, such as, Batman and Robin.

Yes they're my mortal enemies, their names sound Funny, but they are smart enough to riddle the Riddler at of his own game and to flip the Penguin out of the Iceberg Lounge, so give them some credit as they have even outsmarted me once or twice but let's not get into that situation .

My name is... No I won't tell you that but you can call me the Joker. This is my story.

But before the present there must be a past so let me tell you that.

One day while I was working for Falcone the mafia leader, he told me there was a job to be done at the chemical plant, Ace Chemicals witch ended in a tragic barrel of laugh's but just before that, Falcone and his men gave me a present, I thought it was a gun but it was really heavy so I began to think about how much a gun weighs. When I opened it and it was a Bowel with a cape I thought ''what the.......'' they said it was a disguise but my mind was still confused, when it was on, I couldn't see where I was or where I was going, when Batman showed up I must have been on the 3rd floor and whilst not being able to see much, it was no surprise that I fell, what did surprise me was that Batman tried to lift me up, but the bowel was too heavy for him. After some time he gave up on me and let me go. I fell into the vat of chemicals that lay beneath I am lead to believe it was mostly acid but .......

I woke up on the bank of a river laughing and giggling I stumbled across a mirror, I didn't see myself staring back, no a strange clown was standing I the same position and traced my every move 'this must be a dream' I remember thinking or maybe I was dead but then I realized it wasn't and from that day on I have wanted revenge on him, I wanted revenge on the BATMAN.

I came to an apartment and felt a strange urge to rob everything in it, so instead  I went to the nearby bank to attract the bat from his cave, but then I thought of show business and on my new favorite day, April Fools.

First I went to the asylum and helped out  some criminals, who returned the favor by helping me steel some acid from the chemical plant and some broken toys (you'll see) and then I created my army of laughter, 50 criminals, 100 laughing gas bombs.

While I was brewing my plot, the Bat was searching for me in a hurry as dead bodies were found with a smile drawn across their face in every street and alley but no one could find me except myself.

As my men planted bombs around Gotham I thought I should make my first appearance with a bang well a smaller bang than the bombs that are planted around Gotham, but should I wear the bowel on my head they would think I was a laughing stock, but I should wear the bowel on when the bombs are about to explode or should I wear it at the start then take it off while I have the battle with the cape crusader.

The day came for my drastic plan but as soon I got to the city hall the Bat got there and tried to stop me and by accident I deactivated the bomb's around Gotham City *face palm* and well then he stopped me and  sent me here to the asylum.

Well that was me and really I should say good bye but instead APRIL FOOLS!


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