Moments That Matter

Tahlia walker may not have her equal fair of games.but she is like a normal girl.she has her friends and her best friends, her boyfriend and her family. Tahlia has 1 sister and 3 brothers. Her brother Joey and pierce are her adopted brothers though she thinks of them as her real brothers because she is so close to them. Bradley McCann is her twin.both Tahlia and Bradley was separated at birth due to both of her parents being killed at a hospital.She soon learned at 18 years old, that her parents are still alive and named Jenna Hamilton and Jake Rosati.
After 18 years, she had grew up to become a singer and an actress writer. Tahlia had shared her first for everything with Preston Scott. She shared her first kiss with him and her first formal school dances with him. They had adopted a daughter name Summer who is now living with her birth parents. Tahlia and Carter have two daugthers together named Tia and Jessica. Tahlia is best friends with Amelia, Trip, and Jake (Parker).


5. So Much

Tahlia's P.O.V:


There's so much I wanna tell him.So much that I want to tell him about my parents or about the flashbacks I have of Preston and I when I thought of him.Including the dreams I had of us. But I'm afraid to tell him. One, I don't know how to put into words. Two, I'm scared of what he might say. And three, there's a lot that I need to think about then just my birth parents and Preston and I.

I sat there,quietly as he pulled into a hotel for the night. We'll be sharing a room but of course a room with two beds in it. I got out as he parked and turned the car off. I grabbed my stuff from the back seat. Which includes another road trip outfit and my to-need-stuff.

I walked into the hotel lobby with Preston and looked around as a smile showed on my face."Preston,I always came to this hotel with my parents when I was younger."I told him."Well,whenever I went on road trips with them."I added.

Preston looked at me."Really?"He asked and smiled."That's cool."He added, smiling still.

After getting our hotel room,Preston and I gotten some dinner from McDonald's. I had gotten some chicken nuggets with fries and a water and Preston gotten a sandwich.We sat in the parking lot and ate our food in quietness.

After we were done eating, Preston looked at me."Is everything okay, Tahls?"He asked. 

I nodded."Yea. I'm okay."I lied.

He took the lie this time,thinking it was the truth. I can't tell him about the flashbacks or any of the dreams or anything about my birth parents.

He probably knew something was up since I lied to him.I saw it in his face. He probably knew that I was lying."Tahls, I know something is up.Tell me, is everything okay?"He asked.

I just knew that he knows something was up."It's nothing important."I told him.

"It gotta be if you're being this quiet."He told me.

"You really wanna know,don't you,Preston?"

He nodded."Yes.Tell me everything that's on your mind."

"But what if I don't want too right now?"

"Well then I'll ask later,when you don't look to tired."

I nodded and we never said anything else about it.


Later that night, I was still wake,watching something on Netflix on my iPhone. I had my headphones in. Preston was fast asleep. 

Although I couldn't stop thinking about what Preston and I talked about or said,I was still trying to figure out on if I should tell him or not. I sighed deeply and turned my phone off and tried to fall asleep. But no use. I couldn't sleep.

I had to tell him. I just need to tell him. It was about 10:30 in the morning when Preston woke me up. I rubbed my eyes and looked at him and smiled a little."Thanks for waking me up."I said.

"You're welcome."He said smiling back just a little bit.

I quickly gotten dressed in my clean outfit and put my hair up in a messy bun.I slid on my shoes and looked at him."Ready."I said.

Preston looked at me and nodded."Alright,lets go."He said.

We both left the hotel and got into the car.After at least an half of hour of just no talking and being really quiet,Preston had finally said something."So what was on your mind yesterday?"He asked

I looked at him."Us.My birth parents. Flashbacks and dreams of us."I finally told him.

He nodded. I could sense that he was surprised to hear me say "us" again but it didn't surprised me because I was use to the word.

I looked at him still and soon out window."There's so much I wanna tell you,Preston. But I can't because I'm afraid of what you'll think or what you'll do or say.Plus,I didn't know how to word it."I explained.

Preston nodded."I know what you mean.How come you couldn't tell before?"He asked.

I sighed."Like I said,Preston.Just so much I need or want to tell you but I don't know how to word it.Just so much."

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