Moments That Matter

Tahlia walker may not have her equal fair of games.but she is like a normal girl.she has her friends and her best friends, her boyfriend and her family. Tahlia has 1 sister and 3 brothers. Her brother Joey and pierce are her adopted brothers though she thinks of them as her real brothers because she is so close to them. Bradley McCann is her twin.both Tahlia and Bradley was separated at birth due to both of her parents being killed at a hospital.She soon learned at 18 years old, that her parents are still alive and named Jenna Hamilton and Jake Rosati.
After 18 years, she had grew up to become a singer and an actress writer. Tahlia had shared her first for everything with Preston Scott. She shared her first kiss with him and her first formal school dances with him. They had adopted a daughter name Summer who is now living with her birth parents. Tahlia and Carter have two daugthers together named Tia and Jessica. Tahlia is best friends with Amelia, Trip, and Jake (Parker).


4. Road Trip With Preston

Tahlia's P.O.V:


The next morning,I was up and in the bathroom. I already took my shower. I text Preston telling I was ready. I had on my road trip/lazy day clothes on. Which involves a  t shirt and leggings and/or sweat pants.

I looked at the girls as they played with their baby dolls. I smiled brightly and kissed their heads."Be good for Uncle Trip and Aunt Amelia."I told him as they nodded and kept playing.

The door bell rung and I got the door seeing Preston at the door."Hey."He said."The girls and you ready?"He asked.

I nodded and grabbed the girls and their bags and Preston soon took the bags and we walked to his car. I put the girls in the car and grabbed their car seats from my car and put the car seats in the car soon putting the girls in the car seat and strapping them in.

Preston put the bags in the back also and closed the door. I got in the front seat as Preston got into the driver's seat.

I looked at Preston as He looked at me."Ready?"He asked.

I nodded."Ready."She said.

Preston smiled and started to backed up out of the drive way and started to drive to Trip and Amelia's place.

I stayed quiet as he drove and soon put on some music. The first song that started to play was Thrift Shop my Macklemore. Tahlia started to sing and Preston chuckled lightly.Tahlia looked at him."What?"She looked at him.

"Nothing."Preston lied and looked at her."It's mostly the song. Since when did you started to like this kind of music?"He asked.

Tahlia laughed lightly."Since I was 13 years old."She told him truthfully.

Preston nodded."Okay."He said.


Preston's P.O.V:


After dropping the girls off at Trip and Amelia's place, Tahlia and I had stopped at the gas station to get a drink and some snacks. I looked at Tahlia as she tried to figure out what to get for her few snacks and drink.She grabbed a water and then grabbed a bag of Lay's Chips and a Reese's Cups.

As we went up to pay, I pulled out some money and give the sale clerk the money. I said thank you and left to the car with Tahlia and gave the car some gas and soon drove off and went onto the highway. Tahlia was being oddly quiet. I wonder why?Probably just being nervous. I shook the thought off and kept my eyes on the road.

After a couple of hours,I looked at Tahlia."Hey,Tahls.Are you okay?"I asked her.

Tahlia nodded."Yea,just nervous."She said smiling a little.

I nodded."Alright.Just making sure."I told her.


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