Moments That Matter

Tahlia walker may not have her equal fair of games.but she is like a normal girl.she has her friends and her best friends, her boyfriend and her family. Tahlia has 1 sister and 3 brothers. Her brother Joey and pierce are her adopted brothers though she thinks of them as her real brothers because she is so close to them. Bradley McCann is her twin.both Tahlia and Bradley was separated at birth due to both of her parents being killed at a hospital.She soon learned at 18 years old, that her parents are still alive and named Jenna Hamilton and Jake Rosati.
After 18 years, she had grew up to become a singer and an actress writer. Tahlia had shared her first for everything with Preston Scott. She shared her first kiss with him and her first formal school dances with him. They had adopted a daughter name Summer who is now living with her birth parents. Tahlia and Carter have two daugthers together named Tia and Jessica. Tahlia is best friends with Amelia, Trip, and Jake (Parker).


3. Night Out With Friends

No One's P.O.V:


Tahlia was getting ready for the night. She was going to hang out with Trip,Preston,Amelia, and Jake. She looked at her outfit and smiled brightly.

Her dad had knocked on the door."Come in!"Tahlia said and heard the door opened quietly.

Matty looked at his daughter and smiled."Remember,no drinking."He told her.

Tahlia smiled."Trust me.I won't be."She promised. She hugged her father gently."I feel like I'm going to prom all over again."

"I know right?"Matty said and laughed a little.

Tahlia giggled and nodded."Yea."She said."Trip and Amelia should be here soon. If they couldn't pick me up then Preston and Jake should be here.If not just Preston."Tahlia explained to her dad.

Matty nodded."Well Preston's here.By his self."He told her.

Tahlia smiled and nodded."I should go down and see him."She said and went down stairs,seeing Preston waiting for her and sitting on the couch.

"Hey P.Scott."She said.

"Hey Tahls."He said,smiling brightly.

"Ready to go?"He asked.

Tahlia nodded."Yup."She said. She kissed her daughters' heads gently and told them each to behave for Grandpa Matty and Grandma Tamara while they watched cartoons on the tv.

Preston and Tahlia had left the house and went to the party they were going to with Trip,Amelia,and Jake. Possibly Carter,if Tahlia is lucky enough.

Tahlia looked out the window,being quiet.

Preston watched her from time to time out of the corner of his eyes."You okay?"He finally asked her.

Tahlia looked at him and soon nodded."Yea.I'm okay.Just thinking."She lied.

"You're lying,Tahls."Preston."I can tell."He added."What's wrong?"

Tahlia looked at him soon and shook her head."It's nothing,Preston.I promise."She said."We can talk about it some other time.Not right now."She told him.


Later that night,after the party,Tahlia had went to her house,with Preston and decided to talk to him about what was wrong with her when they were in the car.After she told Preston the whole story,he hugged her tightly.

"Tahlia, you know,you could have told me this. I will always be there for you. I understand though.You miss you're birth parents.And you want them to meet your daughters and see what you became after you left."Preston said holding her gently as she hid her face in his chest,crying quietly."I'll find Jenna and Jake,and I'll make them listen to me and make them see you and your daughters."He promised.

Tahlia looked up at Preston and nodded."Thank you."She whispered.

Preston nodded."Anything for you, Tahls. I told you that Jake sucks."

Tahlia giggled a little and smacked his forearm lightly."Not funny."She said.

Preston acted hurt."Hey!That hurts!"He said.

Tahlia laughed that time and looked at him."I know."She joked.

Preston smiled and looked at her."I'll anything for you,remember that please."He told her.

"I promise."She told him."Thank you for helping me."She whispered.

"No problem.And you can help me find them if you like."He said."Which means,road trips tomorrow and Trip and Amelia will have to watch the girls."

Tahlia nodded."Alright.I'll call them tomorrow when it's not so early or late."She said.

"Okay,"Tahlia said.


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