Moments That Matter

Tahlia walker may not have her equal fair of games.but she is like a normal girl.she has her friends and her best friends, her boyfriend and her family. Tahlia has 1 sister and 3 brothers. Her brother Joey and pierce are her adopted brothers though she thinks of them as her real brothers because she is so close to them. Bradley McCann is her twin.both Tahlia and Bradley was separated at birth due to both of her parents being killed at a hospital.She soon learned at 18 years old, that her parents are still alive and named Jenna Hamilton and Jake Rosati.
After 18 years, she had grew up to become a singer and an actress writer. Tahlia had shared her first for everything with Preston Scott. She shared her first kiss with him and her first formal school dances with him. They had adopted a daughter name Summer who is now living with her birth parents. Tahlia and Carter have two daugthers together named Tia and Jessica. Tahlia is best friends with Amelia, Trip, and Jake (Parker).


2. Flashbacks

Tahlia's P.O.V:


One year ago:

I watched as Preston got down on one knee. I felt nervous on what he was going to say or ask me but I knew what I was going to say when he does ask me. I will say yes and Preston, Summer, and I will live happily together. And I was totally going to tell my best guy friend Trip and my best friend, Amelia about this.

"Tahlia Rose Walker, I love you and I always will. I wanted to know but.. Will you marry me?" Preston asked as I felt the hotness in my cheeks raising up and knowing I was now blushing.

I nodded, a huge smile on my face."Yes, Preston,I will marry you."

Preston smiled and hugged me tightly and slipped an engagement ring onto my ring finger.

I viewed the ring and smiled."It's beautiful,Babe."I whispered to him and so looked up at him and smiled.

"Just like you."He told me as I blushed. He kissed me deeply and held me close in his arms.

I couldn't believe that we were engaged to be married.


Present day:

I heard a knock on my door. I got up quickly and checked on Tia and Jessica as they slept in their beds. Tia was 4 years old and Jessica was going to be one in July. It was April 2nd and I was enjoying my relaxing time while the girls took their naps.

I opened the door to see my dad,Matty McKibben, at the door. Matty was my adopted father and Tamara was my adopted mother. They had took me over since my birth parents, Jenna and Jake couldn't really take me properly due to the fact that they wanted to finish school. They had made up their minds about finishing school after I turned 1 year old and Matty and Tamara had already finished their schooling. So basically, I see Matty and Tamara as my real parents since they stop talking to Jenna and Jake because they rarely ever wanted to see my after I turned 5 years old.

I smiled at my dad and looked at him."Hey daddy, What's up?"I asked him.

"Someone's here to see you baby girl."My father said and I nodded.

"Alright.Can you keep an eye on the girls while I go see who it is?"I asked

My father nodded and went to my bed and sat down. I went to the front door and saw my best guy friend, Trip Johnson."Hey Trip."I said as I hugged him.

"Hey Tahls."He said smiling as he hugged me back 

"Come in. The girls are sleeping so we can hang out in the kitchen."I told him,letting him in my house and walked to the kitchen."What's up?"I asked.

"Not much,honestly. I just wanted to check up on you."He told me

I nodded."Oh,well I'm good,honestly."I told him."Don't worry about me."I told him."How's your family?"

He smiled."They're good.Really good."

I nodded and looked at him."Oh and by the way,the baby,that's ours, inside of me is doing good also.Just in case you were wondering."I told him

"Yes,I was wondering about the baby."He said and nodded."That's a good thing.He said,smiling.

I nodded and grabbed two bottles of water and handed him one.I opened my and took a sip of it.

"Well,call me if you need anything, Tahlia. I'll be just a phone call away."He told me.

I nodded."Will do,Trip.Take care.And don't get stressed out to easily.Take it easy,Trip."I told him and hugged him one last time.

He hugged me back and walked to the front door and left.

I went up to my room and smiled at my dad."Alright daddy. Babysitting duty is over."I joked.

Matty laughed."Very funny. And okay.I'll be in the living room if you need me."I said.

I nodded and my father left.

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