Moments That Matter

Tahlia walker may not have her equal fair of games.but she is like a normal girl.she has her friends and her best friends, her boyfriend and her family. Tahlia has 1 sister and 3 brothers. Her brother Joey and pierce are her adopted brothers though she thinks of them as her real brothers because she is so close to them. Bradley McCann is her twin.both Tahlia and Bradley was separated at birth due to both of her parents being killed at a hospital.She soon learned at 18 years old, that her parents are still alive and named Jenna Hamilton and Jake Rosati.
After 18 years, she had grew up to become a singer and an actress writer. Tahlia had shared her first for everything with Preston Scott. She shared her first kiss with him and her first formal school dances with him. They had adopted a daughter name Summer who is now living with her birth parents. Tahlia and Carter have two daugthers together named Tia and Jessica. Tahlia is best friends with Amelia, Trip, and Jake (Parker).


1. Characters


Tahlia Walker/McKibben

Tia Katie Harris-Daughter of Tahlia and Carter

Jessica Nicole Harris-Daughter of Tahlia and Carter

Carter Harris-Ex to Tahlia and Father of Tia and Jessica

Trip Johnson- Best guy Friend of Tahlia's and Friends with Carter, Preston and Jake

Amelia Johnson- Wife of Trip's and Best Friends with Tahlia

Ellie Johnson- Trip's Little Sister

Britta Johnson-Daughter of Trip and Amelia

Preston Scott- Friend to Tahlia

Jake Parker- Friend to Tahlia

Non Main People:

Jake Rosati- Birth Father of Tahlia

Jenna Hamilton- Birth Mother of Tahlia

 Matty McKibben-Jake's Best Friend and Tahlia's "Uncle"/Adopted Father of Tahlia

Tamara- Jenna's Best Friend and Tahlia's "Aunt"/Adopted Mother

Bradley McCann- Tahlia's Twin Brother

Taylor McCann-Tahlia's Sister-In-Law and Bradley's Wife

Isabella McCann- Daughter of Bradley and Taylor

Lucas McCann- Son of Bradley and Taylor

Joey- Big Brother of Tahlia

Priece- Big Brother of Tahlia

Peyton- Big Sister of Tahlia's



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