Forever With You

A love story with Niall and a girl,that girl isn't any girl its you! (Y/N) fell in love with an irish boy before he became famous,and they had strong and big relationship between them when he became famous and entered to a band known as One Direction, small problems grew bigger in there relationship but they have overcome them, but there is a big Problem waiting for them! Maybe they will end this love story or maybe they will forgive each other.......If you want to know what are these problems you can read this story but I still haven't finish it all yet, there are more chapters soon Don't Miss It!!
Enjoy :)


4. Wont leave you until you forgive me!

#Clean Imagin *the club night* (Y/N)'s P.O.V So as We were drinking about 20 minutes. Everyone got drunk. "Let's dance" Niall said as we got up. We danced a lot. Too much. "Wait here I'll go get a drink" Niall said. When Niall went another guy started flirting with me. "Hey beautiful" The guy said. He kept on talking but I ignored. At last I was fed up. "Leave me alone. I have a boyfriend" I said. Just within one second I saw Niall coming angrily towards me. He grabbed my arm. And we left the club. We drove about 20 minutes. The drive was silent. I was really awkward. When we arrived home I decided to ask Niall about what he did. "Niall, what's wrong? Why are you treating me like shit?" I asked. "Why? Didn't you see yourself flirting with that guy? While I went to bring a drink?" He asked. In fact he shouted. "No Niall I didn't" *After minutes of arguing* "Bitch" he said. "I've call worse" I said. "Oh really like what?" He asked. Sarcastically. "Your girl friend" I shouted as I started packing some of my things. I also packed one of his shirts that I love him. But he didn't see it. He watched me and he did nothing. "So you are going to his home?" He asked. Still bothering me. "If I knew were it is. I would." I said and walked away. I slammed the door shut. I was really disappointed, he didn't even try to follow me. Niall's P.O.V What did I just do? How did I let her go? Shit. I was drunk. I shouldn't have treated her like this. I should change this thing now. (Y/N)'s P.O.V I arrived home. Crying my head off. Jade and Chloe were still there. In my home. "(Y/N)! What's wrong?" Chloe said. "Wait! Wait! Let her calm down" Jade said. Taking my suit cases from me. I sat down on the couch. Jade gave me water. I didn't want to drink I didn't want to do anything. "(Y/N) what happened?" Jade asked. "N-Ni-Niall" I said. Between sniffs. "What happened to Niall?" Chloe asked. "W-w-we f-f-fou-ght" I said. Not able to talk. I explained what happened too. "Oh no problem. Its the reason we're here too." Jade said. "B-but i-its N-Niall" I said. My phone beeped. It was Niall. I didn't want to answer. "Answer, answer!" Chloe said. "I don't want. What if he shouted again? No." I said. "Answer. He was drunk you know." Jade said. I took up the phone and answered. "(Y/N)! Please come back. I am sorry, I didn't mean to-"He tried to apologise. "No Niall, you told forced me to leave." I said. "Please, at least tell me where are you." He said. "Niall you don't need to know. Just leave me alone." I said. "Please princess, just tell me." He begged. "I am in my home. I am not your princess anymore!" I said And closed the phone. "Why did you shout?" Jade asked. "He's calling me his princess!" I replied. "You're so tired. Go to sleep now. We'll see what will happen tomorrow." Jade said. I walked up to my room. I opened my suitcase and took out Niall's shirt I wore it. And slept. 'Knock knock' Someone knocked on my room's door."Its 3 am. Who's that?" I said to myself. As I opened the door I saw Niall. I closed the door shut within one second. "(Y/N) please." Niall said. I didn't reply I didn't want to open also. I slipped down on the floor and started crying. I can hear Niall crying too. I crawled to the bed and cried harder. *next morning* Yesterday I slept from crying. Niall was in my home. He's still there. But I can't hear any sound from him. I opened the door. No he's not there. When I was about to go to the kitchen. I realised he's sleeping on the floor next to my room. I didn't do anything. I walked to my kitchen. He followed me. I really ignored. I acted as if I didn't see him, or he's not here. I walked with my drink to the living room. He followed. Doing nothing. Saying nothing. I sat on couch and he sat beside me. "Isn't that my t-shirt?" He asked. I was really shocked remembering I didn't change it. I didn't answer. I walked back to my room to change it, but someone hold my arm and pulled me back. It was him. Niall. He lifted me up. "NIALL, LEAVE ME. PUT ME DOWN." I shouted. I started kicking him. "(Y/N)!" He shouted. He put me down. "(Y/N). Why?" He asked. "I'm leaving" I said and walked to the door I closed it behind me. Within obe second I came back in. "Oh. Its MY home. YOU GO OUT!" I said. He walked out. Crying. "Why?" He said. *later that day* "We need stuff for home. The fridge is empty" Chloe said. "I am going to bring stuff. I really need fresh air also." I said. I walked to my room. Change my clothes. I went to the door. I opened the door. "Ouch" I said. I didn't wear my shoes properly. I bent down to fix it. Its fixed now. I went up again. Someone bumped into me. It was Niall. He held me. So tight. I wasn't able to move. "(Y/N) I love you" he said and hugged me tight. I wanted to push him. But I was so tight. His scent resisted me. I hugged back. "(Y/N)-" Niall said. "Shhhhh, its ok." I said. "(Y/N) we're on the door." He giggled.
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