Forever With You

A love story with Niall and a girl,that girl isn't any girl its you! (Y/N) fell in love with an irish boy before he became famous,and they had strong and big relationship between them when he became famous and entered to a band known as One Direction, small problems grew bigger in there relationship but they have overcome them, but there is a big Problem waiting for them! Maybe they will end this love story or maybe they will forgive each other.......If you want to know what are these problems you can read this story but I still haven't finish it all yet, there are more chapters soon Don't Miss It!!
Enjoy :)


3. The club night is worse

#Chapter 3 #Clean Imagine. Forever with you- Niall Horan *1 month later* Niall's P.O.V Its been 1 month of me and (Y/N). I mean 1 month when everybody knew. Everything's good. But 1 thing. This weather. Thunderstorms. Its freaking me out. I'll call Liam. *on the phone with Liam* "Hello" Liam said. "Hi" I said. " So how are you?" He asked. "Oh my god! Just soooooo fine!" I said. "What's wrong?" He asked. "Thunderstorms" I said. Scared as I heard another thunder. "Call (Y/N) let her come to you place" he said. "Its a good idea. Bye" "bye" he said and I closed the phone to call (Y/N). *on the phone with (Y/N)* "Hello!" She said. "Hi (Y/N)" I said. "Something sounds wrong?" She asked knowing the answer. I didn't answer. " Its the thunder storms isn't it?" She asked. "Yeah" I replied. " (Y/N) can you come over? We'll watch movies and cuddle. You know" I said. Begging for a yes. "Oh. Yes. Sure" she said. I just can't be happy anymore. "Okay see you" I said. "Bye" *after 15 minutes* 'Knock, knock' I heard someone knocking on my door. I didn't want to open. Then I remembered it should be (Y/N). I opened the door, and grabbed (Y/N) in fast and slammed the door behind her. "What's wrong?" She asked. Shocked from the move I just did. " Its the thunderstorms. They're gonna hurt you." I said. "Oh,Niall!" She giggled. We went inside and watched a movie. We both laid down on the couch. Her back was on my chest and my arms around her. I was feeling safe with her beside me. I didn't hear the storms anymore. When the movie finished I realised that she was not moving. Maybe she's asleep. I should check. I slowly, carefully moved myself. Yeah she was sleeping. She looked more like and angel. Maybe she's not feeling comfortable on the couch. I'll take her bed. I slowly carried her to bed. She's still sleeping. I carefully laid her on the bed. I really needed to sleep too. I laid beside her. I can't just be beside her and do nothing. I put my hand on her tummy and another hand under her. It was just so perfect. *the next day* I woke up, still in yesterday's position. It was the best sleep ever. Just because (Y/N) is beside me. She was still sleeping. I should wait until she wake up. I can't move. I can't disturb her. She was moving. She'll wake up. I should act as if I am sleeping. (Y/N)'s P.O.V I woke up. Not in my room. Not in my bed. Niall's beside me. I don't remember anything happened yesterday. I should wait until Niall wake up. He was finally blinking. "Good morning, princess" he said. "Good morning" I said. "Niall, where am I? What happened yesterday?" I asked. Confused. "Yesterday, I called you to come over. And you slept while we were watching the movie. So I shifted you here." He explained. "Ooo. Yea" I said. Remembering. "But can I ask you something?" He said. "Yeah sure" I said. "Can you always stay here? We could share this house." He asked. This was a really good offer. "Yeah!" I said, exited. "Yaaaaaaaaay" Niall said happy. "I'll bring your stuff from there" he said. "Okay. But I'll give the key to Jade and Chloe ( My best friends) if anything happened to them." I said. "Yeah!" He said. *1 week later* "Niall, I really need to go home. Jade and Chloe are really in a big problem, and I should help them" I said. "Yeah, why not?" He said. Niall drove me there and kissed me good bye. Niall's P.O.V Its been a whole 1 day without (Y/N). I didn't sleep. Not without her in my arms. I drove to her house to get her. She didn't know. I didn't really have time to tell her. I really missed her. When I arrived her home. I saw something strange from the her house's window. (Y/N) kissing another guy? I walked back to the car. And drove back to my home. I called (Y/N). "(Y/N)? Are you home?" I asked. "Yeah. Why?" She asked. "Nothing I'll just see you in the sand space beside your house." I said. "Okay" she said. She knew something was wrong. When I arrived there I saw (Y/N). She looked so innocent. "(Y/N) I saw you kissing that guy." I said angrily. "Which guy?" She asked. "(Y/N) don't try to act innocent while your not!" I said. My voice's level increasing. "I swear I didn't kiss anyone. From where did you see me?" She asked. "From that window" I said. And pointed to her house's window. "Niall! That's not my home! What kind of a boyfriend you are? You don't even know where's your girlfriend's home is." She said And walked away. "(Y/N), please. I am sorry I didn't mean to. I'm just jealous." I said and turned her to me. She laughed. "(Y/N)! You scared me." I said when I knew she was joking. "Any ways I came here to tell you that the boys are going out to club tonight. And we will go with them" I said. "Sounds fun" she replied. *the club night* (Y/N)'s P.O.V We drank about 20 minutes. Everyone got drunk. "Let's dance" Niall said as we got up. We danced a lot. Too much. "Wait here I'll go get a drink" Niall said. When Niall went another guy started flirting with me. "Hey beautiful" The guy said. He kept on talking but I ignored. At last I was fed up. "Leave me alone. I have a boyfriend" I said. Just within one second I saw Niall coming angrily towards me. He grabbed my arm. And we left the club.
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