Forever With You

A love story with Niall and a girl,that girl isn't any girl its you! (Y/N) fell in love with an irish boy before he became famous,and they had strong and big relationship between them when he became famous and entered to a band known as One Direction, small problems grew bigger in there relationship but they have overcome them, but there is a big Problem waiting for them! Maybe they will end this love story or maybe they will forgive each other.......If you want to know what are these problems you can read this story but I still haven't finish it all yet, there are more chapters soon Don't Miss It!!
Enjoy :)


2. is it Demi ? or Jack?

#Clean Imagine. (Y/N) 's P.O.V We kept on talking for hours. When Niall's phone rang. It was Paul. He kept on talking to him. All he said was.. Oh... Ok...Who? Niall closed the phone and turned his face to me. "After 15 days we're gonna have a celebrities prom night and you are invited." Niall said. "But its 'celebrities' prom night." I quoted celebrities in the air. "I don't know, Paul said." Niall said. "Anyways" I said and we continued talking. *15 days later* Niall's P.O.V Tonight's the celebrities prom night. Each one of us have his own girlfriend who could be his prom except ME. I mean I have. But no one knows. Paul said they'll find me one. "Niall" my manager called. "Yeah?" I replied. "Your prom's gonna be...." He said and I clenched my eyes. "Its gonna be Demi" What? Did he just said Demi? Hell no. She's one of the biggest enemies of (Y/N). But (Y/N) should understand. *later that night* All couples started dancing except me and Demi. (Y/N) was sitting right in front of me. Doing nothing but staring angrily. (Y/N)'s P.O.V "Come dance with me" Demi asked Niall. What? Did I just heard Demi asking Niall to dance with her? I shouldn't worry because I know Niall would refuse. "What?" He asked confused. I looked straight into Niall's eyes. "You heard me" Demi admitted. "But... erm... Um..." Niall said. "Niall!" Demi kinda shouted. "A-alright" Niall said. What did he just accepted? They got up and tears started forming in my eyes. At the moment I saw Harry coming back with a confused look at his face he asked me "Why are you crying?" "Nothing I'm just tired" I lied. "Oh" he said. Still confused. "I'm leaving" I said to Harry. "Why? What's wrong (Y/N)?" He asked. He felt something's wrong. I can't lie to him anymore. "If I told you. You won't understand." I tried to explain. I grabbed my purse and walked to the door. "Eh! Weirdo" I heard him saying. Niall's P.O.V When I finally, finally, FINALLY was done dancing with Demi. I walked back to the table where we and (Y/N) were sitting. But she wasn't there. She left. "Where's (Y/N)?" I asked Harry who was sitting there too. "She left and when I asked her for the reason she said that I wouldn't understand. She was kinda crying." Harry explained. "Oh. What's wrong with her?" I asked him awkwardly as if I don't know anything. I got up. "Where are you going?" Harry asked me. "To the bathroom" I said. I had to execuse my self and call (Y/N). *At the phone with (Y/N)* "Hello" I said. "Hi" she sniffed. "(Y/N) why did you leave?" I asked her. "Because I am not a celebrity and I can't just sit there awkwardly doing nothing. And I don't have a boyfriend." She said. Sniffing again. "But you've got me" I said. "Oh. You? You just go with Demi." She said. "W-what?" I asked. "Oh did I just said that? Oh just never mind." She said trying to change the subject. "So you're jealous?" I asked. "NO. Just no!" She said her voice's level increasing. "(Y/N). I know you are. But what can I do? I am forced to. We will tell them when its time. Everything's gonna be fine. I promise." I said. Trying to calm her. "Okay" she said. Still crying. "Okay babe, gotta go. Bye" "Bye" ******* *After 28 days* (Y/N)'s P.O.V Its almost 2 months of me and Niall and still no one know. I really can't wait anymore. But I should. I signed in my twitter. And found Niall's tweet that said 'I really want Nando's'. So I decided to surprise him, and bring Nando's to his home. I changed my clothes and walked to my car. I drove to Nando's. When I arrived Nando's I went to order. When I was almost there. I found something, that really, really, really surprised me. I found Demi sitting with Niall. I didn't handle anymore. I ran back to my car, and bursted crying. I drove back home. I didn't do anything just buried my face in the pillow and thought about what I saw. I kept on thinking, until my thoughts were interrupted by a phone call from Niall. I didn't answer. I ignored it about 16 times. At last I decided to answer. "Babe, why aren't y-" I cutted him off. "WHY I AM NOT ANSWERING YOU? WHY ARE YOU CALLING ME? GO BACK TO DEMI" I said. Shouting. "W-woah" He said. " DID YOU USE ME JUST TO GET DEMI? OR YOU JUST WANTED TO BE A SECRET SO NO ONE KNOWS THAT YOU ARE A...A...A.." I shouted on the phone. "A what?" He said. Calm. Calmer than ever. He was crying. "GO BACK TO DEMI. SHE'S WAITING." I said. "(Y/N) please list-" He said. But I didn't want him to continue so I hung up the phone. *1 week later* I always hang out with the boys. I'm normal with Niall in front them. But inside me. There's a war. So I decided on making a plan. Getting a boyfriend to make Niall jealous. Jealous like never before. After 1 week we're gonna have a party of One direction and others. Which Demi and her friends are a part of it. *the party night* I arrived to the party hall with Jack (my boyfriend). I entered and the boys greeted me. T stopped at Niall. I saw the sadness in his eyes. I greeted him awkwardly. I went to get a drink when Zayn followed me. "(Y/N)" he called. "Yeah?" I replied. "Why are you trying to hide something I know" he said. "Like what?" I asked. "You and Niall" he said. He really surprised me. "H-he's my best friend like all of you" I said still shocked. "(Y/N). You shouldn't lie. I saw both of your necklaces and they were matching." I didn't reply. "But I wanna ask you something" he said. "Yeah?" "Who's that?" He asked and pointed at Jack. "You'll know when its time" I said with a smile and walked away awkwardly. People were in a crowd around a small stage. They were already playing a game. That is, someone will pick up a name of a person, and a name of song. And the person will sing. "The name is..... Niall Horan" The announcer said. "And the song is..... Nobody compares!" Niall walked on the stage. "So to whom you'll gift it Niall?" The annoucer asked Niall. "Of course I'll be for me" Demi giggled in between the crowd. "No Demi its not for you" Niall replied. Demi was left in a shock. "Its actually for a girl. I'm not going to say the name but. She knows her self well. " Well start" the announcer said. "Cause no one ever looked so good in a dress and it huts cause I know you won't be mine tonight" Niall started singing, he was about to cry. "No body compares to you." He finished and started crying like never before. He headed to the door. The boys followed him. But me, I was running behind him. "Niall!" I shouted. "What do you want?" He asked me still running. "Niall please!" I shouted to him as I was tired from running. He stopped and turned his face. To face me. "What do you want now?" He asked angry. "Niall I love you" I said. "I love you too" he said and hugged me. He spun me around. "But what about Jack?" Niall asked. "Actually... Um... Erm.. He's my brother." I said. "What?" He asked. "Yeah I giggled. We turned around to continue the party. But the boys were standing in front of us. Oh my god they saw everything. "So that what you were hiding" Harry said. We both blushed. And went in.
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