When It Comes To Love

One boy
One girl
He has his secrets
She has hers
But will they allow themselves to forget there past
To make new memories that will stay with them for the rest of there lives

It's abit like Dark, but...... Not?


3. Chapter Two

"you weren't planning on walking off were you" he said smirking at me, "n-no, I thought you stood me up" I mumbled back and he grabbed my wrist, "I wouldn't do that to you come on" he said practically running down the street, he still had hold of my arm witch was painful, we finally stopped down an alley way, he took his jacket off and smirked "please don't hurt me" I whispered, he looked confused then realised "just because I took my jacket off and were down an alley does not mean I will hurt you baby, I'm just hot" he said laughing "I know, you really Are hot" I thought, he laughed and said thank you- wait did I just say that out loud? I giggled, "well, here we are". He said pointing to a big black car in front, we got in and he started driving in an instant, "where are we going" I said peering at him, he laughed "my flat" he said winking I nodded and sat back until we were there, we opened the door and stepped inside, he decided to drop his coat on the couch and sat down, I stood I front of him but he pulled me down and sat me on his lap, "aw little miss innocent is scared" he said playing with my hair, I know he was trying to get me mad, but I stayed calm to see what he would do, "Look at me" he said, trying not to laugh I looked down, "no" I smirked, he leant his chin on my shoulder and breathed, his hot breath sticking my dress to my skin, "let me" he said as I pulled my jacket off, he pulled it and kissed my sweet spot making me moan, "don't" I said he just laughed and pushed me off standing up, "I want to go home" I said standing up, he laughed "alright" he said giving in, we drove back in silence, as I was walking into my door, he called out " Nice love bite though, it suits you" he smirked as I shut the door, I needed a shower to get his scent of of me, I scrubbed my self five times before I was clean or away from his scent, I got dressed into a Baggie tee shirt and laid inside my warm duvet to go to sleep, 

in the morning I was woken up m y my. Mum shouting "MAZIE" she screamed up the stairs, I pulled my hair into a messy bun and put my thick black rimmed glasses on, they were nearly as big as my face, I didn't bother putting pants on so you could see my black lace panties, I didn't. Think we had company 

"hello baby" I heard, I turned around and tried to pull my tee shirt down "hi" I said blushing because it wouldn't go down any further "it's okay don't be shy" he said grinning, "well can she" he ask my mum, I was confused she nodded "sure, bye have fun" she said as she walked out of the door to work, "what was that about" I asked him as he sat me on his lap again, he moaned "what" I said thinking i had hurt him, I realised where my hand was "I'm sorry" I said blushing "Mazie huh" he said amused "shut up I hate it" I said punching his chest, he laughed again, "anyway, nice panties" he said as I stood up "I'm getting dressed" I stated bluntly his eyes followed me up the stairs, I got dressed into an adventure time skirt and green polo shirt, I heard my door creaked, "were you watching me change" I said as I saw harry standing by the door frame "me? I would never" he said smirking, "but lets make a good impression, Harry's girlfriends arnt children, there adults" he said smirking and opening my wardrobe, 

"here" He said handing me something, I didn't bother to look so I changed in the broom and made sure the door was locked 

(polyvore outfit. Made by me) http://www.polyvore.com/maze_outfit_harry_chose/set?id=77638229 




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