When It Comes To Love

One boy
One girl
He has his secrets
She has hers
But will they allow themselves to forget there past
To make new memories that will stay with them for the rest of there lives

It's abit like Dark, but...... Not?


4. Chapter Three

I came out quite happily with the outfit, "here" he said shoving a bag at me "huh" I said confused "I asked your mom if you could stay the night" he shrugged and nodded, I packed my fluffy pink bunny onesie, he stopped me "I can't see you with this one" he said picking my short shorts up and tank top, he laughed "I bet you can't" I said amusingly, I shoved my makeup and bunny slippers in my bag and climbed over Harry who was lying on my bed, "you don't need it, you have me" he said as I dropped my stuffed rabbit "okay" I said uncertainly, "you ready" he asked me I shrugged my shoulders, "oh wait" I said running into the bathroom, I grabbed some pads and blushed because harry was watching me, "aww don't blush, you can't help it" he said "I'm not on Its just in case ya no" I said stuttering "ready" I said he opened the door and we stepped outside, i stepped back In to grab my leather jacket and he shut the door, "so what do you want to do baby" he asked me, I looked. At him why do you call me baby" I asked him he smiled, not smirk this time it was loving "because your my baby" he said as we arrived at his house, I stomped my foot "Haryyyyyyyyyy I wanna. Make cakesssss" I pouted, he smiled and got back into the car "okay baby, lets go" he said before driving to the so, we got out and bought cake mixes and soon enough we were making the cakes, "it says here we have to-" he said before I flicked a peice of icing at him "oops" I laughed and said innocently, he smirked "oh yeah" he said "it was an accident" I protested but it was to late, he threw some back at me, we soon realised there ws so cake mix, only all offer the floor, we cleaned up and went up to the bedroom "I'm roasting" I said in my onesie, "here" he said shoving a pair of boxers and a tee shirt at me, I rn to the bathroom door but he got there first, "no, get dressed in here" he smirked, I shook my head "fine I will then" he said unzipping my onesie, I quickly unblocked the door from him and escaped inside laughing I was soon tucked up in bed again, beside Harry "What should we watch" I said as Harry started texting and laughing at it, I shrugged it off and got my phone I did the same  except I was texting my mum, "put your phone down, I don't want you texting anyone else when your with me" he said sternly I looked at him, okay yeah I was scared of him but still, he had no right to do that "well considering your doing it, Im aloud" I said taking the phone out of his  big hands, "I got you something anyway, because I know how much you love your phone and it's cases" he said pulling a big case with wings from his pillow "oh my god" I said I hugged him and kissed him on the lips, it was our first real kiss "I I sorry" I said before getting up and hiding in the bathroom "baby come out" he said later on "no, why should I stop texting when you arnt" I asked him, he sighed "I was texting your mum I was going to askif you could stay for the weekend but" he trailed off, "but" I said "but I just realised I had work" he said,come to think of it I don't really know much about him? I came out and we sat talking a out each other In Bed "what's your favourite colour"I asked him, as he sat me on his knee in bed, "red" I said mine, which was a shimmery pink "you like sitting me on your lap don't you" I said playfully giggling, he nodded "yup I like to think your mine so I need to know your thee" he said his curls brushing my neck making me laugh we soon fell asleep next to each other 

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