When It Comes To Love

One boy
One girl
He has his secrets
She has hers
But will they allow themselves to forget there past
To make new memories that will stay with them for the rest of there lives

It's abit like Dark, but...... Not?


2. Chapter One


Pulling your socks up, hmm very easy when you have books and a bag in your hand, i mean in the middle of the street they have to fall down dont they! "Hey" I heard as i stepped on someones foot, "oh my g-gosh im so sorry" i stood up blushing furiously "it's alright, watch it next time" the voice said, i looked down he didnt seem to be looking at me "What" i asked him, he had curly brown hair "I said- oh doesnt matter love" his voice softened looking at me, my brown hair blistering around my face, "Well, i best be erm off" i stutered, why was i being like this? im normally really outgoing... well i had just stepped on his foot "Im sure you do" he said and gave me a look, "Whats that supposed to mean" i asked him, a hint of annoyance in my voice "you seem the type of girl to be with every ladd she sees, but who am i to say that" he smirked after he said that, before walking off "Exuse me, for your information ive only had two boyfriends" i saw him stop and slowly turn around, "Sure" he smirked and came closer to me, so we were chest to chest "Well let me see about that" he said fumblingaround my my back pocket, he took out my phone "W-What are you doing" i whispered/yelled, he pulled out his and typed a number into both phones, mine buzzed "here" he said handing my phone back and walking off, "Be careful wehre your going next time" he said before turning th ecorner, i felt my phone instantly buzz

Harry Styles~

i never got your name x

i smiled, and replied, "Maze" i blushed as i recieved another, "Nice name hey let me take you out meet the same place at 8  x

i smiled and said ok before locking my phone, it was already seven thirty so i had to get ready, i rushed home, I opened my door and flung my books In, I pulled my to and shorts off and stood in front of my wardrobe in my underwear trying to pick out a dress.

hang on a minute? I'm meeting a guy I've only just met what if he's some crazy ass stalker? E urgh I shut that image out of my head and carried on getting ready, I settled for a short dress with studs and a lather jacket and boots, cute but punk girly 

(Outfit made by me on Polyvore) http://www.polyvore.com/mazes_outfit_for_my_story/set?id=77617331

I looked at my phone ten to, great gives me time to walk, I put my jacket on and called bye to my mum I stepped out of the door, thank god I had put my tan tights on, it was freezing 

I got there and waited for about ten minutes I looked at my watch.. Yep it was the right time, so where is he? Could he? No I didn't want to think of it, I started walking off, he obviously had stood me up, "Hey gorgeous"  I heard behind me, him! I turned round and blushed I waved "hey" I said 

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