When It Comes To Love

One boy
One girl
He has his secrets
She has hers
But will they allow themselves to forget there past
To make new memories that will stay with them for the rest of there lives

It's abit like Dark, but...... Not?


5. Chapter Four

I woke up in a different surrounding? Oh I. Was at Harry's, speaking of him where was he? I got up and wandered around his apartment/Flat calling his name until I found a note on the kitchen table, "gone to work stay In till I get back, at two" I looked at the clock, it was eleven, I had just sat down to drink my tea when the door started knocking, I texted harry "door knocking should I answer x" he said yes so I did, "hello" I said timidly as a man with a gun answered, I yelped and stepped back "I won't hurt you I thought you were a burglar where's harry" he said stepping inside, I handed him the note because I was to afraid to speak, "right well I'm going to his work sorry for bothering you miss" he said I stopped him "take me with you" I whispered, he nodded "alright" he said, we got into a car and drove a few miles, I found out he was 32 and his name was George, "so how did you and harry meet" he asked me, "I stepped on his toe" I said and he laughed, we arrived at a tall narrow building "here we are miss" I shivered, it was a cold dark place, somewhere you would find criminals, "before I go in what does Harry actually do" I asked him, he smiled, "he's a part time prison guard, and part time police dog trainer" he explained to me as we stepped inside the door "it smells weird" I said he laughed "smell of crime, be careful these people might attack you" he said and I jumped and held his hand he smirked "Harry, good to see you" George said as Harry turned around, he looked at me, "what's she doing here" he said as if I wasn't there "she wanted to see you" George said pushing me forward "hi" I said embarrassed, he obviously didnt want me to come, I stepped back "well, what are you here for" he asked George, I quickly stepped away and saw a dog, I know they were dangerous but I stroked it, it  growled when  i came near it but let me stroke it "be careful Maze" Harry warned I nodded and it jumped up I squealed and jumped up into Harry's chest my heart pounding, "baby I know I love you but you can't just come into my work" he said, I nodded "I was bored can I help you" I asked and he shrugged, "if you want" he said, George decided to leave "well, you need to wear a uniform, there's one in the bag" he said, I opened it and got changed in the bathroom, the uniform was a police one but there were no pants just a skirt, "harry why is there a skirt and no pants" I asked him curiously, "because you don't run around you just sit" he said as I took a seat on his lap "well that's boring" I said "yeah, hey look go be a good girl and get me a coffee from the machine" he whispered in my ear, I nodded and hopped of his lap, going back the way I came I decided to surprise him, so I went to the nearest costa, I came back hurriedly to hear a bang, I ran into the room to see harry and he blocked my view "maze stay back this isn't really something you want to see" he warned but I ran in anyway, there were three criminals lying on the cold hard stone floor, "I told you" he said clearing his throat, I turning to him, said "what happened" he looked away "I had to, it's my job" he said and I suddenly had the urge to back away, I backed so far out I hit the wall in the other room. he came in after me, "maze it's my job to" he repeated and I slid down the wall "it's your job to kill them" I sparked and he shook his head "only if they are playing up so bad and these were"  he said, he reached out for my hand but I crammed my self into the metal corner of the wall, "please baby don't be like this" he pleaded but I couldn't not? I was stunned and frightened that my own boyfriend could do that, "I I" I started but I couldn't finish, I looked down and he tried to pick me up " no" I. Said he sighed, "I'm g-going home" I said running to his house to get my bag and stuff, I arrived home and my mum was at work, I sat in the living room floor trying to get my head around this, he wouldn't hurt me p, I knew that but- but what if he did? What if I made him angry and he lashed out. I ought to trust him, I thought but I couldn't not now anyway there was a clunk and the door opened, it was my mum "hey mom" I said "she's in there" I heard her say to someone, that someone was Harry, as soon as he came into view in the door way I flew to the other side of the room and cowered Under the tv stand, which was big enough "baby please I wouldn't hurt you" he said tears falling onto our black carpet, making it darker "I know" I whispered, he sat in front of me, "please come out baby I had to its my job" he said, ever since I met him I've Been finding out the worst "l-l-leave" I stuttered "not without you" he said 

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