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May and Harry were boyfriend and girlfriend before he was famous. When Harry comes home for the first time after his bands world tour will he remember May? Will he still want to be her boyfriend? Will she take him back?


1. Home Again

I wake up to the ringing of my phone. I groan loudly as I reach over to answer it.

"Hello, who is it?" I say in a deep husky voice. I peer at my alarm clock. It's 6:00am. Way too early to be awake on a weekend.

"Don't you know your best friend when you hear her. Sorry I woke you up so early it was just I was so excited I couldn't sleep!" Said Amber in her usual bubbly voice.

I look at the calendar and then I remember. Harry's coming home today. I have been dreaming of this day as soon as he left but when I heard all the girlfriends he had while he was away, I realised he'd forgotten all about me.

" So are you going into town to greet him when he arrives?" Amber asks eagerly.

"No way!" I answer grumpily. If he doesn't remember me than I sure as hell won't make an effort with him.

I hear a sigh from the other end of the line.

"Why not. We are some of the only people lucky enough to know him. Come on, we HAVE to go." She says in an annoyed tone.

"Knew him. He probably doesn't remember us. I'm not going!"

" Suite yourself!" She says, obviously in a mood with me and with that she hangs up.

I collapse on to my bed and immediately fall back asleep.




" Wakey wakey sleepy head,"Says my mum as she let's herself into my room." Get yourself ready. It's nearly 12 o'clock."

I groan sleepily and open one eye as mum sits at the bottom of my bed.

" Are you sure you don't want to go into town to see Harry?" She asks, " I know you haven't talked since he left but you were friends long before you started dating."

I shook my head. " I don't think I'm ready to talk to him yet plus there'll be loads of fans wanting to meet him as  well."

She nodded and walked out my room.

After I was ready I checked my phone. Ten missed calls from Amber. Oops.

I was about to call her back when it rang again.

" Finally, you won't believe how much hotter Harry is now and he did remember us!!! OMG, you should of been there!" Said a familiar voice.

" You know normal people usually start a phone call with hello or hi." I said.

" Yeah yeah, whatever. You know he ASKED about you!" She said.

" Don't you yeah yeah me, madam. Wait WHAT! He asked about me, what did he say?" I can't believe I actually just said that.

" I knew you would find that interesting. He asked how you were and ...oh yeah he wanted me to tell you that.." There was a knock at the door.

" Sorry, someone's at the door." I interrupted.

" But it's really..." I hung up on her.

I skipped out my room, slid down the banister and opened the front door.

A flash of paparazzi's  cameras blinded me. When my vision came back I realised who was standing in front of me.

It was Harry.. In one hand he was holding I balloon that said I missed you on it and in the other hand was a bouquet of roses. My jaw fell as I looked at his cheeky grin. Then I slammed the door on his face.


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