A girl named Molly moves to london. She is staying in a holet and meets five hot guys. They are from the boy band named One Direction. Molly is on the same floor as them and she is feeling the blond one named Niall wont leave her alone. Niall ask her to go out for lunch every day and they start to get close when something happens!
If you wont to know you need to reafd to find out.


4. what happens at the club


   Molly P.O.V.

  We walk into the elevator and I look over and Niall is staring at me with his shinny Bleu eye, he then looks away and presses the button that said 1 on it so that it will bring us to the lobby. Where riding down and sense the elevator goes very slow and we where on the 6th floor I had to ask what they were talking about in his room.

  " Niall" I said and his head spins right to me and he says " what?" " well I wonted to know what you guys were talking about in your room because they all ran into your room and then I fell asleep and I woke up to the sound of my name being called from your room and then the word crush so I got up and walked out into the hall and then it got all quiet in your room so then I decided to go back in my room and get dressed and go out and then when I came back out and I slammed my door shut and all of you guys came out of your room and stood in you door way and looked at me" "well" he said as the elevator door open and he looked at the opening door and smiled like he was happy that he didn't have to answer it. But don't worry he will end up telling me soon or later.


   Niall's P.O.V.

  Molly just asked me what we where talking about in my room earlier but luckily the elevator door open to save me. As we walked to the road to get into the cab I stopped for us Molly said " can you bring us to the closes club" to the cab driver. Her voice was so amazing I loved to listen to her talk, I am so glad that I saw her with my own eyes because now I cant take my eyes off her it is hard to, I had fallen into her already and I was proud of it because she is so cute with her brown hair and brown eyes. She was the perfect size her top of her head just barley touched my tip of my nose. All of a sudden I hear her talking saying " Niall are you ok you are just staring into space" " yeah I am" I say as I turn to the window and look at the car start to turn into the club.


   Molly's P.O.V.

  We were just about to pull into the club when I see Niall staring at something smiling and I ask him if he was ok and he said he was fine. as he get out of the car and helps me out and he grabs my hand and we walk into the club and the music was so loud and I didn't notice that Niall was talking to me until I looked over and his lips were moving, " what I cant hear you" I said he started to talk louder and got closer to me " I am going to go get drinks for us" he said and started to walk away.

  I started to walk out into the dance floor to dance and then this guy comes up to me and grabs me and starts to say " don't talk and follow me" " no" I said trying to get away from me knowing that he was a lot stronger then me " well you don't have a choice" as he starts to drag me off to the corner of the room and starts to kiss me "  stop" as I pull away and slap him " no one slaps me" he said as he starts to slap me and push me on the ground and hurting me as I yell.


     Niall's P.O.V.

   I was getting are drinks as I hear someone screaming and  it sounded like Molly's voice as I run to the scream, as I see someone on top of Molly slapping her I drop the drinks and run over to the guy that was a bit bigger the me and say " get your hands off her" as I punch him in the face. All of a sudden he punches me as he starts to pull me out side, I can see Molly trying to get him to let go of me. Then I see that we where outside with a whole bunch of people looking at us yelling " fight, fight" say I get punched in the side getting angry and running up to him and punch him and kick him onto the ground and run to Molly and pick her up and start to run for the hotel that was not to far from the club I could hear her yelling '' he is right behind us" so I start to speed up as we get to the hotel letting her go and tell her to run into the hotel as I feel a sharp pain in my side as I drop to the ground with blood every where and I look up and see the guy running away. I look down to my left side and I could see blood every where I lifted up my shirt and I got stabbed by that guy and I can feel Molly kneel down beside me with my phone up to her ear as I said " who are you calling" as I feel a bitt of pain and put my hand over the cut, " I am calling Liam and the boys" as she is saying with tears every where and they she starts to talk again " Liam boys Niall is hurt come out to the front of the hotel" and she hangs up.

   " Molly you have bruises all over you head and face" I hear her reply " it is ok it is you we should be worried about" as all the boys come running out calling 911 as they also kneel down beside me. Soon after there is a ambulance jumping out of the car and picking me up on the stretcher I start to yell " I want Molly to come with me" as I pointed to her and they grab her and pull her in the back of the ambulance car. She sits down beside me as all the people are putting air mask on me because it was hard to breath and holding something hard on my cut to stop It from bleeding because I was looing a lot of blood and I had cords on me that where hooked to a machine that was recording my heart. All I wanted to do was hold Molly's hand and I turn to her with her beautiful eyes on me and I reached my hand out and she lifted hers and we started to hold hands and then my vision was getting blurry and my eyes started to close when I could hear not every well but her yelling " what is going on" with beeping noises in the background and then.........

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