A girl named Molly moves to london. She is staying in a holet and meets five hot guys. They are from the boy band named One Direction. Molly is on the same floor as them and she is feeling the blond one named Niall wont leave her alone. Niall ask her to go out for lunch every day and they start to get close when something happens!
If you wont to know you need to reafd to find out.


3. Something about her.....



       Molly P.O.V.

   I suddenly wakeup not knowing where I was I feel a wet wash cloth on my head and then I have a feeling that some one was string at me I look to my left and there was Niall looking at me. I jump off the bed and I said " what going on" it was only me and Niall in the room " you black out so I brought you too my room to see if you were ok" Niall saying " how did I black out when" I said " well you ran into me in the lobby and then I try talking to you and you blacked so I got nerves so I quickly get my key and then handed your key to Liam and Harry took your stuff and they brought it to your room 209" Niall said to me " well then what room are you in" well I am in room 208 right next you and Harry is in room 201 Liam 212 Louis 203 and Zayn 202'' Niall said to me as he walked over to me and stared me right in the eyes with his bleu eye.


        Niall P.O.V

    As she was asking me all these question I answered them but then I started to go closer to her and look her in the eyes and then she started to do the same, I don't know what is happening I don't know what to do as I start to fill you with hotness and I start to blush and I can tell she is blushing to because her cheeks go all red as she was looking me in the eye. I didn't know what to do so I said to her "sense you are up now follow me and I will give you something to eat because you where out for about three hours." and I walk into the kitchen with her following behind me.


     Molly P.O.V.

   Well I don't know what had just happened but I just woke up in a cute and famous boys room laying on his bed with him staring at me and now he is going to make me something to eat this is the best day ever I can wait to Skype Lily. I was thinking maybe I could do it know and she can see him and see how cute he is. Then I noticed that I don't have my computer or my phone, so I walked back to the kitchen where Niall was making me and him something to eat. " Niall" I said as he quickly spins around and looks at me. " yeah what do you need" he said as I stare at him then I walk up to him " do you have a computer that I could use for a moment" I said as I start to look down at the floor, "yes of course stay right hear I will go get it" he says as he walks away. He comes back and he said " here you go" as he sets it down in front of me and goes back to get are food ready.


   I turn on his computer and a picture of him and the other four boys and they were in there bathing suits with know shirts on. I stop staring at the picture and logon to my Skype and I look for Lily I found her and I click on her name and then it said connecting  right off like she clicked if right off. All of a sudden her face pops up and she yells "hi" then is said be a little quieter" and then look away at Niall, ''why?" she then asked I didn't know what go say and then Niall yells out '' what do you wont on your sandwich turkey or ham?" Lily said " who is that his voice is so cute" I said " hold on Lily" then I said " I would like turkey" he said "ok'' "well what are you hiding" Lily said "nothing" I quickly said " Niall then come to the table and gives me my sandwich " what are you doing" he then said as you looked at the screen to see Lily " who is that" Niall said as he scratched his head " it is my best friend from my home town" as Niall starts to eat his sandwich. " who is that boy siting next to you he looks very familiar" Lily said " well this Niall" Lily then started to get excited " holly shit she said he is from the band One Direction how did you two meet" 'well is a long story'' I said " I have time'' "it isn't that long of a story" Niall said as he started to smile.

   "Ok so I was getting of the plane getting my suitcases and then going out side to get a cab. When I got into a cab I told him where to go and then he drove me there I got out paid him and then shut the door and walked into the hotel as I put down my suitcases I see a limo drive in and then and car behind the limo and these men started to get out of the car behind the limo and line up in two lines let there be a gap in the middle and then I see a whole bunch of girls start to run and the big men stopped them and then this guy comes out of the limo and opens the back door and then I see this cute boy come out he had brown hair and dark bleu eyes and then the girls yelled out the name Louis and then this other boy comes out and he was cute to he had dark brown hair and hazel eyes and then the girls yelled out Zayn then another one came out and he had curly brown hair and cute green eyes and the girls yell Harry and then I saw another boy come out and I am like how many cute boys are going to come out of the car to my self and this boy had brown and wavy hair and brown eyes then the girls yelled out Liam as the boys lined up but for some reason the limo door was still open and the boys where just siting there and then, wait hold on Niall do you mind stepping out for a bit" ''why I wont to here this" "ok then you can stay" I said " ok back to what I was saying so the this other boy get out very slowly and he had bright blond hair and bright blue eye and he was full out and the girls yell out NIALL and I then said his name in my head and I start to stare at him and then I notice he start to stare at me so I look away to get my key to my room and I could here the front door to the lobby open and then close when I here them talking and giggling the girl at the desk gave me my key and said I was on floor 5 and room 209 and then I turned around to run for the elevator and I fell on the ground and my head started heart and I could hear Louis and Liam telling Niall nice job for knocking her on the floor and then I open my eyes and Niall has one hand trying to help me up and the other over his mouth as he lifts me up on my feet and he started to talk to me with a cute accent witch I think it was Irish" " yes it is" Niall says " and then I blacked out and I woke up in Niall's room on his bed and he was next me and I started to freak out and Niall told me what happened and that Louis and harry brought my suitcases to my room and Liam took my key and IPhone and put it in my room and so I am in room 209 Niall is in 208 harry is in room 201 Liam is in room 212 Louis 203 and Zayn 202" "well that is a long story' Lily said " I told you it was'' "well then why are you still in his room and using his laptop" "well he got me something to eat and I wonted to Skype you" "ok" Lily said "ok I better go" " ok bye" Lily said " bye" I said as I hung up.

    " what time is it" I said " it is 10:00pm" Niall said to me.  "while better go then thanks" " will I see you again" Niall said " well I don't know" I said " do you wont to got to lunch with me tomorrow' Niall asked "sure" as I got up.

  I walk out of Niall's room to my room I tried to open the door but I couldn't because it was locked so I knocked on it and it opened I " here is your key hope to see you around" Liam says as he starts to walk to Niall's room and Harry also came out of my room and went into Niall's and then I see Zayn and Louis running down the hall into Niall's room I didn't know what was happening so I walked into my room and got into my PJ'S and laid in my bed to sleep.


        Niall's P.O.V.

   As Molly walks out of the door Liam, Harry, Louis, and Zayn run in and Louis shuts the door behind them. Liam then starts to talk " what is up" "nothing" Niall said with a big smile on his face, " then what are you smiling about" Louis said " well I think I am falling for someone" Niall said " I think I am falling for Molly there is something about here that I like I like about her" Niall said " the way that she told that story and the way she decided me and she is so beautiful.


        Molly P.O.V.

   Someone just yelled my name and the word crush from Niall's room and they were all happy about it I could hear it in the voice I new it wasn't Niall but I will go check it out. I got out of bed and quickly brushed my hair and put some black socks on and grabbed my IPhone and grabbed my room key. I opened my door and shut it when I heard complete silence from the room so I ran back into my room to put on some nice cloths because I decided to go out to a club instead. When I got dressed up in a bleu tit dress the when to my thighs I when into the bathroom and put on some make-up. Then I walked out again now with a little black purse that had my room key, money and my IPhone in it and I checked to make sure and then I shut my door again but this time more harder so the boys can hear it.

  All of a sudden all the boys run out in the hallway as they shut there door  they looked at her and Harry said " you look hot" then as Niall punches him, " what were guy thanking about in there" "NOTHING!" they all yelled and then Niall asked her"where you going Molly" " I am going out to a club if I can find one" " well we can come with you" Niall said "ok if you want"yes" Niall said and the rest of them said "no maybe some other time" "ok then I need to go get my IPhone first" Niall said as he walked into his room and the boyz followed.


         Liam P.O.V.

   " ok Niall " Liam said as he continued " we are not going because we wont to leave you to alone" " thanks you guys wish me luck" as he grabbed his phone and headed out the door with everyone following him.


    Molly P.O.V.

   " ok you guys like to follow each other" as the all walk out of Niall's room of to there's " let's go Molly" Niall said as they head to the elevator.

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