A girl named Molly moves to london. She is staying in a holet and meets five hot guys. They are from the boy band named One Direction. Molly is on the same floor as them and she is feeling the blond one named Niall wont leave her alone. Niall ask her to go out for lunch every day and they start to get close when something happens!
If you wont to know you need to reafd to find out.


7. Lost the keys


      Molly's P.O.V.

    As I got to my door I try to walk into the room but my door is locked, i don't remember where i put my keys last place i new was Niall was holing them in his pocket because i had no pockets. As i start to walk back to Niall's room i get to the door and i hear a guy witch sounds like lou say " Will i ever see you again" in a wimpy voice and then say " nice one Nialler" as i hear Niall " shut up mate". They like to say mate to the boyz and love to the women they have said that a couple times to me and it feels good when i hear them say it to me. I stop thinking about that and i knock on his door and soon to be answered by Harry " Hello Molly what do you need" " ho i just need Niall for a bit" as he steps aside signing me to come in again as he yells to Niall " yeah mate" Niall says as he runs in and stops and stares at me " she is back and she needs you" Harry says as the rest of the boyz come in and sit in the sofa next to me and Harry also sits leaving me and Niall standing " so what you need love" Niall says as he comes closer " well do you remember when i gave you my room key" "yeah" "well where did you put it?" "well... i.. think.. i... dropped... it .. that the club" he says slowly as he looks down at the ground and rubs the back of his neck " sorry" he blurts out and looks back up at me "oh iss ok hopefully some one brings it back but i need to get another one" "okay i will come with you" he says as he turns around to the boyz " ok i will be right back are you guys going to stay here or are you going to go to your own rooms" he says " what time is it" Liam asks " it is 9:21" Harry says has he puts his phone back into his pocket " well i am staying" Lou said " me to " Liam and Harry both say " i guess i will to" Zayn says as he turns on the tv " okay then i will be back soon okay don't make the place messer then it already is okay" Niall says looking directly at Lou and Harry "why are you looking at me and Harry" Lou says " well i don't know, lets go Molly" "okay" i reply back as i walk out of his room with him fallowing me.


      Niall's P.O.V.

  "ok then i will be back soon dont make the place messer then it already is ok" i say staring right at Lou and Harry "why are you looking at me and Harry" Lou asked " well i dont know, lets go Molly" i said as she replys in a "ok" and walks out the door and i fallow her and close the door behind me. We walk down the hall and into the elevator. When the elevator starts to move i flip my hood over me head. " why are you putting your hood up" Molly asked "well i dont wont to get mobbed by fans or something" i reply. The elevator door opens and we walk out and go straight into the mangers office. We got into his office and i put my hood down. " well hello Niall Horan, is this little ladie disterbing you" as he looks from me to her and then back to me " no, no i need your help" "okay what shall you need" "well i kind of dropped her room keys at a club and now she cant get into her room" "well let me check if we have another room key for you" as he turns around and checks all through his stuff and he turns around "well i dont have anymore keys for your room i will have to go make a new one in the morning" he says " well where am i going to sleep tonight" she says and you can see her hiding back anger. "well i dont..." he started before i cut him off "you can stay in my room i could either sleep on the couch or sleep over at Liam's he wouldn't mind" "no, no you dont have.." i cut her off " no it is okay" "are yo sure" "yes" "ok" she replyed back "ok i will make a new key tomorrow then for you you two have a nice night" the  manager said as we left the room " thenk you for letting me stay in your room" she said     " no problem" as we walk to the elevator and go to are floor. we get to are floor get out of the elevator and walk to his room and knock on the door. all of a sudden you could hear a whole bunch of people coming for the door and the door swings open and all the boyz stare at me " oh yeah they cant get he a key until tomorrow so she is going to stay in my room and i am either going to stay on the couch or stay on one of your guys couch ok" "ok they all yelled as we walked in the room toward the couch. " TRUTH OR DARE'' Lou yelled and ever one said yes even Molly. This is going to be an intresting game for her.


      Molly's P.O.V.

   I walk in the room and Lou yells out "TRUTH OR DARE" and me and the rest of the boyz yell out yes. I can feel Niall stareing at me but i dont look back at him as we all make a circle on the floor i am sitting next to Niall and Liam next to Liam is Lou and then next to Lou is Harry and then Zayn and then Niall. Lou started of by asking Harry " truth or dare harry" " dare" harry says back " okay then i dare you to,,, lick the bottom of Nialler's feet" as every one but Niall and Harry laugh " okay Niall take of you sock" " why did you have to say my name Lou" Niall said in a pouting voice is Irish voice is so sexy " be a man" Lou says back to him as Niall takes of his sock and sticks it up to Harry's face as Harry licks it " ewh this is discusting" Niall says as he tacks his foot away and Harry starts coughing as he runs in the kitchen and brings back a glass of water. Okay my turn Zayn said as he points to me and asks  "truth or dare" "well i am going to have to say truth" "okay well do you.. do you... like Niall" as he points to Niall and looks a t me " well can i whisper it to you" i ask " yes you can" as i get close to his ear and whisper " well yes i do but dont tell anyone okay" "okay he said back with a smirk. " okay don't tell us" Lou said " i wont as i go back and sit back where i was and Harry yelled "MY TURN" "okay Nialler turth or dare" Niall yells out dare with his talk host look and voice and ever one laugh. " okay it is kind of a dare for you and Molly... i dare you two to swop cloths for the whole nigh until sun rise" he said as every one started to laugh at lease i am only wear in sweat pants and a lose sweat shirt even though it is still not going to fit him and he is wearing shorts that are going to fall of me probly and a sweat shirt as well that is going to be big on me. So we walk in the bathroom " well i will go into the shower and you stay out here" i told him and he nodded and i jump into the shower and closed the certain. I take of my sweat shirt and sweat pants and ask Niall if you was done and he said yes as we swop cloths i put on is sweat shirt and then is shorts his sweat shirt was very big and his shorts to and they falled down if i didn't hold them up i can hear Niall making a whole bung of noises so i ask " are you okay there" " oh yeah just haveing a little troubles, i got the sweat pants on and they are very tight and short but i cant get the sweat shirt on could you help me" " yeah shore" as i get out of the shower and he is standing there with no shirt on and very short sweat pants that are to tight " okay now put the sweat shirt over you head and through your arms and i will pull it down" "okay and just to tell you your/my shorts are just a little big for you and so is my sweat shirt and you look funny" as he laughs at me and i reply " well look at you "as i laugh " are you guys okay in there" Liam ask as we both reply " yeah we are coming out and we are both laughing. Niall opens the door and says ladies frist as i step out and my/Niall's shorts about fall off so i have to hold them up as they all laugh at me and i go back and sit down, we are still waiting for Niall to come out as Liam is laughing and trying to get him out of the bathroom. He comes out and every one is rolling around laughing " well for your information this is comfty" Niall says " and this is to " i say as Niall come back and sit down next to me and puts his and around me as i Barry my head in my/Niall's sweat shirt to hid my face because i am blushing. "you okay Molly" Niall ask "yes i am, okay it is my turn" "Liam truth or dare" well .....i pick.. DARE" "okay i dare you to this mite be crazy but run down to the pool and jump in it and run back here" " well what about the fans see me" " we then you mite wont to run fast" i say giggling. "Okay then are you guy coming to" " yeah but i am rapping a blanket around me" Niall says ask gets up and grabs a blanket and then we walk out of the room and into the elevator and every one puts their hoods up but me and Liam. We get to the bottom and Liam takes off running and we run behind him and we get to the pool and there is a lot of people there and he jumps in and every one see him and start to chase after him and he gets close to us and he yells out " these people are NIALL LOU ZAYN AND HARRY AND ARE FRIEND MOLLY" as they all see us and we all start to chase us and we get into the elevator and it starts to close and we go back to are flood and run to Niall's room and close the door behind us and Niall goes and sits down on the couch and Barry's his head and ever one runs over to his side to see if he is okay as i go and get his medication for him and i come back into the room and sit next to his side and i tell him to lift his/my sweat shirt but he cant so the boyz help him and they take off his shirt as he is in pain " i am so sorry Niall i forgot" Liam says as he sits down on the other side of him " it is okay mate" " okay i am going to put the cream on you ok it mite hurt a little ok just take one of my hands and squeeze it if it hurts as i take his hand and with the other hand i rub the cream on as he is squeezing my hand very hard and it i turning red and it hurts " sorry Molly" Niall says as he lets my and go and i was dont puting the medication on and Lou takes it out of my hand to bring it back. "okay i think we are done truth or dare for tonight"Harry says as he gets up and says good night to every one and heads to his room to go to sleep. " what time is it" Liam asked " it is 11:57" Zayn says " well i think i am going to head to bed i hope you feel better mate, and goodnight" liam said " me to see you tomorrow" Lou and Zayn say as they all leave the room.


      Niall's P.O.V.  

  As the boyz left my room leaving me and Molly alone i couldn't stop looking at her there was something about her that i have still not found and i am falling for her i have never felt this way before about a girl and i am going to be sad went we leave next week. But hope fully she is still here when we come back because we are only going for a week and two days and then we are coming back and then it will be June where are summer brake starts and maybe she could stay with us at are flat for the summer. " okay so where am i sleeping" " well you are going to sleep in my room and i will sleep out her on this couch okay" " no you can sleep in your bad and i will sleep on the couch" " no really it is ok let me help you to my room" "okay if you say so" " okay in here" " why don't you sleep in here on this pull out couch?" " well i don't wont you to feel uncomfortable" "no i will feel better if you sleep in here so you are more comfortable" " okay if you want" "yes please" "okay lets make are beds" i said as we walk to the closet with the extra blankets and pillows. "Ok i will pass you some stuff okay" " yes mam" i say laughing as she throws a pillow at me fallowed by two blankets. " Okay now i will make your bed okay" " no,no it is ok i am a big boy i can do it" "but i want to do it ok" "ok what ever" i say as i step aside and walk out of the room and into the kitchen to get some food. I take out a bottle of water bag of chips cheese and oreos. As Molly comes walking into the kitchen and laughs at me " whats so funny" "well you are eating a lot of food" "well that is me you are going to have to get use to it" "ok i will" she said as she came over to me and stoled an Oreo, " hey those are my Oreos" "well this is what you get when you loss someones key so they have to stay with you" "well it is not that bad at lease i get to stay with a pretty girl like you" i say as she is turning red  "well thank you Niall, you are very nice but i am getting tired so i am going to go to bed, okay" "okay i am going to finish eating and then i am going to go to bed to" "ok see yo in the morning" " see you in the morning" she walked out of the room and into my bed room as i finish up eating and put everything away and head to bed as well.


     Molly's P.O.V.

    The next morning i wake up to the sound of someones phone going off i sit up and look over to where Niall was sleeping last night and his phone was buzzing so i got up and picked it up with out looking at it and walked out of the room into the living room but no one was there and i heard more then one vocies in the kitchen so the boyz mush be over. I walk into the kitch and everyone was starring at me " why are you starring at me" "well you are still wearing Niall's cloths are the comfortable" Lou said as i look down at what i was wearing and i was still wearing Niall's cloths "well actually they are very comfortable and i slept very good" " well thank you" Niall said as he put some bacon and eggs on a plate and put it down on the table " here is some food for you and would you like some orange juice" "yes and thank you. How made the food" " as everyone pointed to Harry "well thank you Harry" "your welcome Molly" he said as he look up proud of himself. Niall then puts a cup next to me and fills it with orange juice "also thank you Niall" "any time love" he said as he put the orange juice away. " Oh yeah Niall your phone was going off in the bedroom so here it is" "well thank you" he said as he takes it out of my hand and he turns on his phone and looks at it. " oh it was just a tweet from Josh saying he misses up and wants to hang out" " okay tell him to come over and ask if you can stop at a place to get some lunch" "NANDOS" Niall yells running around the room. " ok then tweet him that then" Zayn said "ok where is my phone" "i dont know where did you put it last" i said because i know that Lou has it in his hand. " wait this phone as he holds up Niall's phone "yes that phone now give it to me" Niall said in a jokingly tone never Lou said as he started to run and Niall chased after him Niall was very fast so he caught up to Lous fast but luckly Lou made it back in the kitchen first but he gave me Niall's phone and the en Niall looked at me and said " you, give me back my phone" as i ran and he ran after me "NEVER" i yelled as i ran around the table and he finally caught up to me and grabbed me but i still wouldn't give him his phone so he started to tickle me and i started to laugh until Lou yelled out "GET A ROOM" and Niall stopped but he did manage to get hi phone and he said " well i do have a room and she does to so suck it" as he got back on his phone to go on tweeter.


     **** TWEETER****


      @NiallOfficial OK come over to my hotel room but stop at Nandos first okay i will see you later!


     @JoshOfficial OK i will you in your Nandos, so i will get 6 meals okay be over soon!


     @NiallOfficial Well you need to get 7 meals we have a visitor @Mollyturner


     @JoshOfficial OK Niall ;)


     @NiallOfficial Oh shut up Josh just hurry up i am hungry.


     @JoshOfficial You are always hungry!


     @NiallOfficial well that is me. :)   



















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